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Post-Mortem Pacts

An Interview with Montague Keen

Consciousness: Are the Walls Crumbling?

Cross-Correspondences: A Brief Introduction

Cross-Correspondences: An Introductory Note

Chance Coincidence in the Cross Correspondences

Mental mediumship: from subconscious or external sources?

Memorable Moments and Meanings at Scole

Skeptics under Fire

The Strange Case of the Broken Bottles and the late Mrs Joyce

Communicating with the Dead: the Evidence Ignored. Why Paul Kurtz is Wrong

The Unmasking of Professor Kenneth Oldfield.
An Exposure the Skeptical Inquirer Sought to Evade

A Response to Chris French

What will the Critics Accept as Evidence?

The Ealing Sittings: Could they have been Faked?

The Morning-After Effect

Massimo Polidoro on Eusapia Palladino: A Reply

The Vandy Case and Profs Oldfield and Miller

Psi and the Media: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Q and A for Psychic Novices

A Response to Prof. Stephen Braude's "Super-psi or Survival?"

A Further Response to Prof. Stephen Braude's "Super-psi or Survival?"

Errors in 'Sceptical' Thinking

No Fraud at Scole

The Jacqui Poole Case: "Any non-paranormal Explanations?"

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