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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th April 2010

My dear Veronica, I did tell you that 2010 would be a year when the truth will be exposed and man will be released from the chains of lies and deceit that have imprisoned him for thousands of years. Truth has been concealed by both religions and governments. You know that during my lifetime, I tried to open up discussion on consciousness. The barriers I faced seemed insurmountable. I was blocked by those who put their secure jobs before truth and honesty. They cannot silence me now. They refused to face the overwhelming evidence. I repeat once more, the scientific establishment remains resolutely hostile to the paranormal, but the contemptuousness with which its leading spokesmen treat it, has all the hallmarks of the last-ditch desperation of those who feel encircled by the advance of the old enemy. Will the collapse of materialism and the triumph of an essentially spiritual philosophy, feed more hungry children, resolve tribal conflict, abolish border quarrels, raise living standards or build better homes? Surely the answer must be a resounding YES. Though one immediate answer must be, that it will give hope and comfort to millions of bereaved and grieving parents, children and loved ones, who can now feel that science has accepted that consciousness —independent of the brain and of our time — survives beyond death, and that personalities can and do transmit their thoughts and confirm their identities, as I have done since my passing six years ago. As the climate changes and discussions of matters beyond the realm of the physical becomes, once more, the acceptable norm, the stage is set for western humanity to free itself from the straightjacket of materialism, to see yourselves as merely temporary occupants of your bodies, your task on Earth as more than just the fulfilment of worldly needs and bodily desires.

Look at what is happening in your world right now. Can the scientists or bankers alter NATURAL disasters? They can only control that which money can buy. Many times I told you of the natural disasters that need to happen in this year of change, when mankind will open its mind to who he is, and learn to live as the conscious spiritual being he truly is, governed by love and spiritually. Those in the Light know this already. Those who are emerging from the darkness into the Light, will need you to reach out the hand of friendship to welcome them into the Divine Light. You, my dear, brought so much Light into my life. I had felt so alone, misunderstood and rejected by my blood family and those who tried to suppress my work. You always said my greatest work was yet to come. Together we are doing it now, and those same people are trying to pretend it is not happening.

There are laws being brought in now that restrict and control, even more, the freedom that is every man’s human right. Ask why is this being done. What are they trying to suppress? Seek the truth. Truth alone will set you free. Look once more at what happened at the Council of Nicaea. All the problems the world has encountered and those it is now dealing with, stem back to the horse-trading, plus the deals made back then, which were all based on corruption. Your Laws today are based on what was decided then. Your world has had to live with the consequences of those decisions which have no basis in truth.

I promise you, my dear, that the light of love, honesty and justice, will once more return to its rightful place. Mankind will live in peace. Check out carefully those you are asked to trust. Do not take anyone or anything at face value. They are practiced at producing an "honest face" to those they wish to deceive. If you could see as I see the downright dishonesty and corruption in your world, you would be horrified. I was surrounded by it when on Earth. I did not "see" it then, so I am only too aware of how it can be disguised.

This is both a special and an important week for us. Every opportunity must be taken to go forward in love and truth, always knowing that I am at your side at all times. Your adoring husband, Monty.