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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th April 2010

My dear wife, each day the picture becomes clearer. Your understanding of WHO and WHAT has taken over your world becomes clearer. You ask if mankind was asleep. Why were they not aware. Well, so many distractions were placed in his way, to take his mind off what was important, and so instead of taking his rightful place in the decisions that affect his world, his mind was skilfully directed to distractions, such as sport, keep fit, TV, films — specially produced to a love of killing — where war is glorified. The Olympics are all being used to distract from their effort to take over your world. You have to admit it is clever and up to now, it has worked. They created the recession without anyone other than those involved in it, knowing what was going on. Because of the many people who do similar work to you, my love, people are opening their eyes. They are finding their voice. They are taking the responsibility to speak out. The people who set all this in motion are not as the majority of you are. You know that the human race was interfered with; the DNA of the majority is now about 80 to 90% human. The people who want to take over are only 20 to 30% human. They do not want you — you are surplus to requirements — the world they want to create will only have a percentage of you as slaves. We, in Spirit, and the other planets, are trying to rescue you from this terrible disaster. They try to prevent you from believing in the World of Spirit and the afterlife, and beings from other planets, who are only too willing to guide you forward to a world where those evil people would no longer be able to survive. For they should not be on your planet.

The truth, my dear, is being revealed and faced. No one on Earth can prevent this. The truth is Truth, it does not bow to anyone's position, however exalted it might seem to be. This applies to everyone, no matter how clever they think they have been. Those who abused my trust should also be aware of this. There is no religion; THERE IS TRUTH and this truth has been distorted out of all recognition, by men whose only interest was power and the control of man. The God of LOVE was set aside. FEAR was used, instead, as their tool of control. Now your world must take its next step forward. This progression cannot be stopped, no matter what weapons they possess. Man is powerless to stop this. You can make it an easy transition for yourselves, or fight it, but happen it will. Trust the God of Love and those he sends to guide you forward. These changes are Now. They have begun. They will speed up as you go on towards 2012. Nostradamus and St Malachy talked about it also. It is time to listen and make decisions. The information is all at your fingertips. Seek it. Reach out to each other. Comfort those who are frightened. The truth is to be shared. No man is an island. Together, you have the courage and strength to go forward with confidence. We in the Network will make it as easy as possible for you. In this laboratory of life everything is possible.

The human race has been controlled by lies. People even go to university to learn these lies and so are given the right to create fear and control within your world. What you eat, what you read, your education, what you see, what you believe, where you go, your health — or should I say, the DISEASE — created by man, is also controlled. You are brainwashed into believing you need drugs for everything and then you need drugs to control the problems caused by the first drugs. These are called "side effects". Such a simple term to describe these attacks on the human body. I ask you please, think about this.

Sorry, I have been very serious today. It is hard for us to watch what is going on in your world. It has to stop. I am pleased that you are meeting people who also help to enlighten others. You each have a job to do. Together, you will succeed.

You have had a nice time with your family, this week. Please, darling, you must not feel guilty. It is good for you to have some family time. We know and appreciate you have given your life to Spirit. You are totally guided by us, but we like to see you laugh with and enjoy your family, as you sit around the table to enjoy those wonderful meals cooked by Simon. This was something I too loved and appreciated when on Earth with you. I still share them with you. We have such wonderful memories, you and I.

This is our work, darling. You and I undertook the responsibility of revealing the truth in all its glory to mankind. In different lifetimes we had different tasks, but we were always together, and together we will remain. Your adoring, Monty.