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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th April 2010

Easter Greetings to you and your family and to our family of friends in the many countries who translate our work to share with their fellow Truth Seekers. All these people were chosen by Spirit. Truth will be revealed in all the four corners of the world, there is no escape. The veil of darkness is being lifted forever. In 2010, many more will face the truth. The Churches will answer for their evil deeds. So will the people who abused their power when in positions of power. They will be exposed. This is the year of truth for all men.

Ian R Crane came to meet you. He invited you to his conference, AV Four, last weekend. He is also someone who is dedicated to exposing truth. We shared your delight at seeing so many people in their 30's and 40's, all dedicated to seeking truth, from as far away as Australia, America, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland and so many more countries. All together in love, light and friendship. We promised that people would come together. Ian R Crane's work inspires many to explore the truth. He is a leader of men. Yes, the karma of untruthfulness is certainly coming home to roost. I ask all of you, never underestimate your ability to change and to influence what is happening in your world. Each and every one of you is special in your own right. As you heard, the real experts state and produce evidence that Climate Change is a myth. There is nothing anyone on Earth can do to alter the progression of your planet. GMO, no matter how they dress it up, is a crime against humanity. You learned how the illegal drug industry is governed by governments, who are prepared to shed blood for its control. Ian R Crane's work is guided by Spirit. He did not come to you by chance, it is the time for coming together.

"History cannot be permanently falsified;
The Myth cannot stand up to the Scrutiny of Research;
The Sinister Web will be brought into the Light and torn to pieces,
However artfully it has been spun."

Dr. Jakob Ruchti 1915

I guided you, my dear, to watch a particular interview last week. I needed you to connect with that particular lady. She has known of our work on a spiritual level. We felt it was time to connect with her. To your surprise, she "knew" in detail of many of our plans. It was exciting for both of you. I did promise we would bring the right people forward. It was time for you to connect with someone who is truly enlightened and works with Spirit. Many more are in the wings, awaiting connection. Leave it to us, my dear, we know best when to act. This will be a busy year for you.

Everything we have done up to now has been a preparation for our Foundation to have its base where we in Spirit can come forward to commune with you and guide you out of the abyss. It will be a place of learning for all those who want to be part of taking your world forward to its new state of existence. London will be the blueprint for the other countries who want us to establish centres. You have been told what to expect and how it will come about. So many in the field have tried to block you. They underestimated the power of Spirit. We will not fail. You are approaching the end of life as you know it now. This has been predicted by so many in the past. Go forward with confidence, knowing that you were all chosen to go forward to create the sort of world you could only dream of. A world without wars, poverty, suffering, all living in peace and harmony. As I have told you, this is your legacy to future generations.

I am sorry, my dear, that you have had to deal with many, truly evil people since my passing. I wish your path had been easier for you, my love, for you gave me the strength to persevere.

It is time to prepare to dine with your family to celebrate Easter. I will, of course, be among you. Be proud of all you have achieved as indeed we are. I remain, your adoring husband, Monty.