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My dear Veronica, my heart goes out to you, and all those who are brave enough to look again at all that you have accepted as fact, and the history you have been taught, etc. It is a shock to lift the veil: to expose the real truth which must be faced. Mankind has to move forward - there is no choice. It is time to awaken from your controlled hypnotic slumber. It is time to question absolutely everything. I promised that the corrupt would be exposed: now, you are seeing this happen. This is just the beginning!

The fact is that Ireland — that great bastion of the Roman Catholic Church —
is questioning the motives of a Church which has raped its children, and then decided to protect the rapists and paedophiles. They preached love, but destroyed the innocence of so many with impunity. Rome has always supported the rapists and paedophiles in its midst.

But at last, Ireland's government is brave enough to say, we will no longer tolerate you in our midst. You did not expect this, my dear. It just took a little research to find the terrible truth.

Again, I point out that
nothing is as it seems. The forthcoming Transition requires you to look at your history and all that you had accepted as truth. This is a painful process but it leads to a reconnection with your spirituality and to a world where love, truth and respect for all men is awaiting you.

The corrupt must step back. It is time for change. We are making it easy for the truth to be revealed. Be brave and seek it. Love is being generated from all corners of the world. This assists the Transition.

With love, we will succeed, and all men will be free. Your adoring, Monty.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th July 2011
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