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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th September 2010

As I showed you, my dear, the boil is coming to a head. It’s ready to erupt. All the muck will come out and will be exposed for all to see. It will get rid of all that is BAD, is EVIL, and is CORRUPT. A sorting will occur. Don't worry, everything will be okay. In their last desperate attempt to create fear, and so cling to power, they supplied lots of money to foolish young people, who for more money will threaten other countries without any reason to do so. Your TV and newspapers make a huge story of it. It is then blown out of all proportion to create fear. Where do you think these people get the money from? It is not from nationals abroad as you are led to believe. This Evil Cabal gives the encouragement, the money, and supplies the ammunition to all these dissident groups. Peace is the last thing they want. If there was peace they would lose control. They have supplied the money for every conflict and have supplied it to both sides. Because people are waking up, they now desperately seek conflicts to support. They control only by fear. Listen again to Dr John Mack as he explains how they use fear to control. Every so-called attack was financed and directed by them. Do you have enemies? Yes, you do — the people who hold the purse strings. Those same people who control your governments. The moment you understand this, then their game is up. Read what Bob Dowing — ex-illuminati — says, in his communication. It is no accident that his comments were brought to our attention. It is time to wake up. Take courage! Research the truth! It’s all there. The moment you say, "no more", then you go forward to a future where money does not control all. The truth about your history, your religions, and your world will be open to all.

We have observed your excitement as you researched the work of MICHAEL TSARION, another young man who is guided to the truth. As I have explained to you, the reason his work resonates with you is because he too is a very old soul, and so it’s a case of remembering at a very deep level and being guided to what you know in your soul to be the truth. You, my dear, had this knowing. It was not put there by universities, which believe that what they teach is truth, when it’s far from it. I trusted your knowing. I knew it came from your soul, which was unspoilt by the educators who unknowingly give false information. When you know, you know without doubt. My old colleagues knew only what they read in books and so all sang from the same hymn sheet. You and I, my dear, shared a knowing. We were guided by our souls, not by society.

In the past, I have explained mind-energy to you and how it can connect to the World Grid. Now, you have had confirmation of this. You remember our amazing experience in Karnack. Now, suddenly it all comes together for you. The ley lines in our garden were connecting me to the greater energy field. I used to sit there to think. So much opened up for me. I felt connected with all that is. You used to bring me a gin and tonic, and place it by my side without disturbing me. You knew I was not there. As more of this knowledge becomes available to everyone, you will learn that there is enough free energy, as much as your world could ever need. This, too, has been kept from you. The scientists are speaking out. They will be listened to. The Evil Cabal has hidden so much. They have made slaves of you. They created the ILLUSION that you are all trapped in. As I have said many times, they have controlled your governments, your education systems, and your banks. They have left nothing to chance. It was carefully planned. They have spread their tentacles everywhere.

It is time to WAKE-UP. There are good people everywhere, coming forward to guide you out of the darkness. Do not allow FEAR into your lives. Once you do so, then you are trapped, once more, in the ILLUSION. You will reconnect with nature, once you leave the third dimensional darkness. You are about to experience an enormous transformation of consciousness. The dark control of your world is ending. Proceed with joy in your hearts as you embrace the Light.

How I wish I was by your side as all this unfolds. The information is just flowing in to you. Yes, it is exciting. It is also necessary to rest sometimes, otherwise you will exhaust yourself. Veronica, you become more like me every day!

Thank you, my love. Your adoring husband, Monty.