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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd May 2010

On the 25th April, Monty wrote about a particular early communication in his own voice. Through a misunderstanding, we failed to send the recording to my friend and webmaster. It is on the website today. An Early Communication. MP3, 5.6mb. See PDF transcript. Thank you, Veronica.

As promised, my dear, we are bringing the right people forward, who will become part of our team. As I am part of the Network on this side of life, you too, will have a similar network, and together we will take the Earth forward to a new era of enlightenment for all. Do not look to religion to guide you forward. They have failed Mankind on every level. The evidence that I provide is proof that the afterlife truly exists, and it’s certainly not what religion insists it is. They forbid you to research it. They have burnt people at the stake for communing with Spirit. This was purely to prevent the truth about religion from coming out. They use fear of punishment to prevent you opening up to Spirit. I have told you, many times, that fear is as oxygen to those who control you. Look at what was done recently to create fear, anger, and frustration; while all the time, yet more controls were put in place, and because your minds were occupied, you did not even notice. The true leaders of this take-over, hide behind another group, who are more visible, so that they become the fall-guys. So many have ‘sold out’ to this, just for gain and privilege. Mind control plays a big part in this. Those who are in control are past masters of this.

Darling, when I first passed to Spirit, I pointed out that a certain scientist got it wrong. You now understand what I was telling you then. He is one of those used to create fear. Foolishly, people believe that what is said by a scientist is absolute truth, fully researched and investigated. He asks, “Can we open a Portal to the Past?”. You and I, know that you can. We did so, when I was on Earth with you. I have shown you the future. You have shared it with friends. It has all proved to be just as I show it. You, my dear, experienced more than one Portal. There will be many more. Before Mankind was infiltrated, Man was able to travel; to lift heavy objects, such as at Stonehenge; to build the Pyramids; to create such marvels such as Newgrange. Soon, Mankind will have all such abilities restored. Man will learn, once more, how to control his body with his mind, through the power of soul consciousness. All these links will be restored. Each and every one of you is a precious being of light. Sadly, you have been crushed by those who see you as theirs to control.

Mankind is waking up, my love. Remember in séance, I told all of you that David Icke was writing a book that should be read by everyone. Please, my dear, give details of this profound work. It will bring evidence that all that I have told you is absolutely correct. The timing of this publication is perfect and guided. When on Earth, I foolishly listened to those who depicted David Icke as an oddity to be ignored, not taken seriously. There are those who still try to prevent people from taking him seriously, only because through those such as Icke, you may learn the truth. It is decision time for all of you, you are now at the fork in the road.

David Icke's book: HUMAN RACE, Get off your Knees. The Lion Sleeps No More. He takes the manipulation of the human race and the nature of reality, to still new levels of understanding. Thank you, my love. Interesting times are before you, and those we can trust. Truth cannot be kept from mankind. It has remained hidden for far too long and mankind has suffered as a result.

Again, I would like to thank everyone of you, who work to bring enlightenment to all, through whichever means you do so. You are all important in the scheme of things. Icke asks, "Are we going to awaken our true genius and potential as infinite consciousness?" The choice is yours.

There is much to think about, as forward you go with courage, conviction, and the determination to succeed in revealing the truth to all. This is an important year. Accept any help that is offered. You carry a heavy burden, my dear. I remain forever, your devoted husband, Monty.