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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st March 2010

My dear, the corrupt are doing much to create fear in your world. This is why John [Professor John Mack, Harvard] has asked that you share with all those who read our communications, what he had to say about FEAR and the governments use of fear in his last public appearance before he joined us in Spirit. He asks that you all listen carefully to his words and take heed of the message. It is only through fear that the corrupt succeed. Come together in light and the truth will set you free.

Your world is in a state of flux. The corrupt are out of control, they seek to take over. They have a time limit and fear they will not succeed, so they lash out at everything and everyone they feel is in their way. Those they see as successful, they seek to destroy, and so be free to take from them all that they want. It is a question of one race seeing another race as a threat, and so must be disposed of. Their mistreatment will be exposed shortly. You are heading towards world wide enlightenment. This will happen peacefully. The corruption from government to religions will be laid bare for all to see, as people find the courage to speak out, not only about the mind control that you have all been exposed to, but absolutely everything. Know that famine, disease, in fact all illness, is man-made. There is no need for illness, all this was done for greed and to create fear. G M Foods is yet another control mechanism. Do not agree to it. You ask, my dear, if the Moon is inhabited. Yes, the Dark Side is, and much is directed from the base there. You have been kept in the dark for far too long. Open your minds, express a desire for enlightenment. Thought has energy. Use it to bring about the kind of world you would wish for, with peace and harmony for all.

If only the Scole people had had the courage to go on, as I had wanted, after they had been visited your world would not be in the state of darkness it is today. But they were scared. I was deeply disappointed. You shared my sadness. It takes courage to go forward to take all the opportunities that the World of Spirit place before you. You, my dear, used to say that I was ahead of my time. Those around me, held back. No real courage. All felt they had to keep in line. It was the policy of the SPR to control everything. The wrong people were in control and have been for many years. Yes, that is sad.

Your meeting yesterday was good to observe. I.C. has the courage of his convictions and will be a source of help to you. The doors he will open for you will bear fruit. You confirmed quite a lot for him. He also brought information to you. It is good to share.

Your concern for those in another part of the world who are under attack, is understandable. We had warned you that such plans were in place. We will not abandon them. Reach out in whatever way you can, whether through practical help or through prayer. Help is available from many sources, you have only to ask and be prepared to accept that help that will take your world forward. You were forced off the right path. Now, it’s time to go forward with faith and courage, to move on to the higher energy that will embrace all, and so fulfil your destiny.

We in Spirit, walk this path with you. We are your guides. Never give up hope. Things are moving forward as planned. God bless you, my dear. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.