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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th March 2010

Veronica, my dear, the time for facing the truth is almost upon your world. There are so many, very different groups of people who believe the world is theirs for the taking. They all have their plans, they see these as invincible. They arrogantly believe they have the right to take-over the Earth and to remove those they see as surplus to requirement. They do not like those they deem as "too successful", so they have plans for their removal. Many human beings will be disposed of. Because these people see themselves as ‘superior’, they believe they have the right to do this. They have no soul, no conscience, no feeling whatsoever. Money rules, power intoxicates them. They believe they are invincible. Their plans are so shocking that human beings cannot bring themselves to believe them. They continually bombard you with "information" about the enemy, the terrorist, and so, while your minds are occupied, worrying about these so-called terrorists, you fail to see your real enemy, and what they are planning. You owe it to yourselves to research what is really going on. You really must Wake Up to the TRUTH.

When I was on Earth, I was not aware that I was involved with people, who, on the surface, encouraged me to do my research, while all the time conspiring to prevent me from ever publishing it. They were in a position of power, only to prevent the TRUTH from being exposed. These people are good at hiding the real truth. They even pretended to be colleagues, when all they wanted, was to control everything. Remember the devious and downright dishonest ways they tried to control you, my dear, when I passed. They stupidly believed you would be a push over. When Ellison and I saw what they were really up to, we ensured that you had nothing to do with them. They put out false information about you, my own dear wife. You rose above it. You had no respect for such devious people, you did not need them. Remember how shocked you were, my love, when you and others overheard a ‘colleague’ of mine, quite clearly state, "It’s quite lucrative being a sceptic, you know." Yes, it is all controlled. Remember also, their efforts to prevent The Scole Report from being published. You, my love, encouraged me to fight for it. You knew it was an honest and accurate report. You knew how much it meant to me. Thank you for helping me to force it through. I just knew I was right. Some actually do pay lip service, but they will never rock the boat that feeds them. You saw it as lack of honesty — always on the edge but never actually taking that little step forward so as to commit themselves. My love, when you stood there by my coffin at my cremation, you bravely stated that you would "continue his work to the best of my ability". You pledged your life to our work. My colleagues could not even wait until you left the crematorium before you were cruelly put in your place. "You can't possibly do that. You are no scientist. No one will listen to you." Well, they now see they were wrong. The power of love overcomes all obstacles. Now, our work is translated into Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin, Spanish, German: not bad for someone who is not a scientist, and who had so many heavyweights working against her. You and I talked many times about how, and why, the SPR was not as it was intended by the ‘greats’ of the past, who believed that their dreams and traditions would educate and enlighten those who seek the truth. We, on this side of life, are sad that this should be so. We wish that we had done more to open up the Society to all, and not allowed it to be restricted by the ‘select’ few. Truth cannot be controlled forever.

The evil plans that are being finalised are the worst ever devised by man, all for greed and power. The weapons they have at their disposal are almost beyond belief. What sick minds could ever produce such depravity. Just one small point they seem to have overlooked. The Earth is not theirs to control. It will be a tough lesson for them: it will come. They cannot hide anything from US. We are everywhere. The truth cannot be hidden from us. Be aware at all times, you are dealing with ‘people’ whose power seems to be great. They create fear and so control. They lack compassion. They have no souls, no warmth, love, or understanding of others outside of their own clique. You, my love, had to deal with such people after my passing. These people feed on power and fear. Do not blindly accept all you are told. They need wars to make money. Wars give them the oxygen that feeds their power crazy lives. World Wars I and II were manufactured to lure men into fighting for their cause.

We, on the other hand, have plans that will bring peace, harmony and love, back into the lives of all men. Pray for truth and that truth will reveal all that you need to know to restore your planet. To guide you quickly to the higher level, where love reigns supreme and peace surrounds you. Raise your level of consciousness. Rise above the fear and control they have imposed on you. It is time to wake up. A wonderful new life awaits you.

I would like to personally thank all of you who have walked the path of truth with my wife. We are here for all of you. We appreciate your assistance in the task of restoring peace and love, once more. Bless you, my dear. Your adoring husband, Monty.