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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th March 2010

We, on this side of life, are guiding all of you who work to bring light into your world. Remember, a Great Awakening was promised: a Spiritual Revolution, such as was revealed in the Book of Revelations. The God of all Creation has a surprise or two in store for those of you who work in the light. People are looking with new eyes at all the LIES that the corrupt use to control you. Also at the penalties they will inflict on you, if you dare to question their motives. They will not triumph. There is no safe haven, there is no hiding place for them. Your planet is surrounded by those who seek to bring light into your darkness.

Step out of the darkness. Become the spiritual beings that you, indeed, are. This is your planet that you have allowed the evil forces of darkness to take control of. In the past, beings from other planets infiltrated your planet. They interfered with your DNA. They needed to do this, to survive on Earth. They took financial control. They now prepare to take control of your food through GM crops. This was one of my subjects. I gave talks and wrote papers on this very subject. Trust me, once they contaminate the soil with such chemicals, it will take hundreds of years to cleanse it and make it safe to grow crops once more. There is no need for anyone to be hungry in your world. There is plenty for all. It is the greed of those in power that creates famine and wars. The spilling of blood is important to them, it helps to repay their debt to the Dark Side. You must all awaken to the fact that they are trying to take over your planet. The TRUTH is out there. All you have to do is seek it, it's at your fingertips. It was never so easy. You are being inspired to open your eyes to the corruption. Come together, and you will create a better world for all men. Look at the great civilisations of the past. Look how the Dark Side suppressed them. Is this what you want? You have a choice. The truth will set you free. You are Spirit now. There is NO DEATH, the Spirit goes on forever. Your life on Earth is but a small fraction of the life of the Spirit. This simple fact has to be accepted, if not on Earth, then certainly when you return to Spirit, as everyone must.

My dear wife is very tired today. She is having difficulty connecting with me. We must allow her to rest. She has much work to do for Spirit. Our work has an important role to play in rescuing your world from the Dark Side. We chose this path. Together we will fulfil our purpose.

Rest, my dear. Know that I am at your side. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.