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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th March 2010

There is so much going on in your world, but because many are aware of what has been planned, they are having to change arrangements. They still hope to carry out their dastardly plans. They fail to see that time is running out for them. They do have to work within a time-frame. The natural progression of the Earth cannot be interfered with, no matter how powerful they think they are. They may control the financial world and governments, but the universe is not theirs to control. There will be no place for them within the New Energy, only the pure of spirit will evolve and enjoy a future that is structured around love, peace and harmony. The air will be pure, free of all man-made viruses and pollution. Corruption will be a thing of the past, it will quickly be forgotten. Those who cannot face such a life will take their leave and move on. Our world, the World of Spirit, will then be able to freely visit and be part of your world, as though we are on two different levels of life. Truth will triumph. Once again, you will be a pure race. No more interference from invaders, who in the past, interfered with your DNA.

You have seen confirmation of the promises we made on the 5th December 2009. Truth has to be exposed, the suffering of so many acknowledged. All those innocent souls who were violated, abused by those they had been taught to trust, those who claimed to represent the God of all Creation, the God of Love. They, who instead of teaching love and harmony, placed themselves above God. They demanded as their due, money from those who could ill afford it. Power and control took over. They even killed in the name of God. The truth cannot be prevented from coming out. No one is "safe". Justice has to be seen to be done. For the Earth to go forward the evil and corrupt have to be removed. Their days of power are over for good. There is no hiding place. Remember, I was there when the voice of truth was silenced. I was there when the love of creation was overshadowed by evil. I was there with those who walked the desert in search of a place where Spirit could reside. I was there when countless souls were annihilated for speaking the truth. I was there when the progress of knowledge through the written word was crushed and sent to the furnace. I was there when a Man sent by God brought the truth from Spirit and HATRED CRUCIFIED HIM. I was there when the call of Spirit was silenced. So were you, so were you.

What we need to understand is not where we were, but where we are right now. Place your faith in those who have come into your life in the most unusual ways. Consider the miracles they bring. We stand by you. It will not be easy. We are not going to fail. This work was inspired by Great Intelligences on the Spirit side of life. No matter what the shadows both in Spirit and on Earth do, to try to stop our work proceeding, they will fail. This cause is stronger than their evil. We in Spirit will answer the call of humanity. This will happen at a point when it appears that the forces of darkness have won. We will come to lead you forward to a better life.

We told you also on the 5th December 2009, that we intended to visit the White House, and that by the end of March you would begin to see changes, if we succeeded in bringing about a change. If he still had light within him, he would cease to be a puppet. We also told you that a Freemason would speak out. Now you have evidence that, not just 1, but 2 Freemasons, have had the courage to expose that which they can no longer be part of. Your world is going through a very difficult time brought about by Man’s greed. Good people are coming together to fight evil with light. You, my dear, were the light of my life and continue to be so. Together we will succeed. I am your adoring husband, Monty.