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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 24th January 2010

What a week it’s been for you. I was by your side every moment of it. We, in Spirit, needed you to read with "new eyes" the information I gave you, soon after I passed to spirit. Yes, at times it was quite painful, but I reminded you of our beautiful blissful times also. I now realise that I gave you too much information, too soon; but understand my excitement when I found the afterlife was way more than it was possible for me to imagine. The fact that I could still be with you, that I could impart information your world had been seeking for so long, was just fantastic. You and I have deep spiritual connections. We have been together as man and wife through many incarnations. You brought balance into my life. We loved, we laughed, we shared, we lived for each other. It was real happiness. We were aware also, that it made others so jealous and nasty. They certainly showed it after I passed over. They felt that I did not deserve to be loved, that I "had let them down in some way". They made life difficult at times, but we never allowed it to get to us.

I wanted so much to share with you, just how it is in the afterlife. It is such an illuminating experience when you arrive, the only restriction is your own mind. You just have to think of someone and they are there. There is no space, no emptiness, it’s all full, no vacuum. I had tried to write about this when I was on Earth. It is possible to manipulate things with your mind. It’s only the gravity of the Earth that compresses man. Once free of the physical form, time and travel is instant. There is very real correlation between spiritual realms and space travel. Scientists involved in travel to other worlds cannot do this without having to deal with issues such as God, creation and the afterlife. I have experienced things I would not have thought possible. Remember, love, I always said I wanted to know everything. I knew that I was being inspired. Those who inspired me were true to their word. It was like I had been on a journey (to Earth). I was nearly at the end of it, I wanted to investigate mediumship, but from a different angle. They differentiate too much between physical mediumship, mental mediumship and healing; whereas it’s all to do with the mental process and phenomena. The thought waves are like streamers coming out of the medium; not solid, they could look like ectoplasm.

You, my dear, knew that my connection with Spirit went very deep. Yes, I did begin to go through historical data going over many years, when particular mediums gave information about something I was researching for my own work. This was to do with my personal connection with Spirit. I was researching who I really was. Remember the many times you asked me, who I really was. Well now we know.

Since I got here, I have been navigating through a sea of lies and conspiracy, looking into history, where information was buried beneath jargon — the truth completely obscured. Now I can speak to the people directly. I will speak about this myself.

You do not realise it, my love, but you taught me a lot. You have taken on this tremendous amount of work. I am so grateful and appreciative of everything you are doing for me. There was so much more I wanted to achieve. Through you, my love, I can do it. You are putting people in contact, people who are involved in this work, and not just in England and the US, but in many other countries. You helped to create the Network, to bring these people together. Know that you have to bring information to people. I did this through my writing and lectures. You do it in your way. Together, we can do anything we set our minds to. Be aware, my dear, it’s not just you and I. There are hundreds here in Spirit, behind our plans. This is something I undertook before I was born, as you did also, and if the plan goes right, as we all want it to, it will make a huge difference to your world. There will be mediums around the world who will suddenly think, this is what I have been getting. Be aware that there are those who will want to get on the bandwagon. You must watch for this. People still talk and write about the Cross Correspondences. Now we have created the Keen correspondences.

Do not allow the FEAR that is being generated to enter your lives. It is orchestrated by those who wish to control you. I told you of this on the 5th December — to expect it. All we ask, is that you do not fall for these stories. Through fear, they can control you more easily. It brings you down both physically and mentally. It causes illness.

We are doing our best to bring about the changes, quickly and safely, so that you have an easy transition to your new way of living, completing your life on the Earth plane in a more peaceful, loving world without stress, anger, hunger. A more balanced way of life for all. The corrupt will have no place in it, their reign is over.

Questions must be raised about what is really happening in Haiti. What is the hidden agenda? Why are people still without sufficient food, water, shelter and medical supplies. Honesty is called for here.

Look after yourself, my dear, do not push yourself. Yes, I know, I did too. I never knew when to stop, either. Do this for me, your adoring husband, Monty.