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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th January 2010

Message from Veronica: "Montague and I, would like to share with you his excitement when only THREE WEEKS AFTER HIS DEATH, he came through in HIS OWN VOICE (MP3, 2mb. See PDF transcript) to tell me, "I am alright". This was so like Monty. He wanted to assure me that he was alright. I truly believed in Monty. I knew that he was no ordinary man. I knew he would prove to our world the existence of an afterlife.

Six years, my dear, since my passing [15th January, 2004]. We still remember every moment of that day. I am not "dead", my love, I constantly show you that I am at your side. You watched several films of me, talking about my beliefs, my hopes, and my desire to bring the truth about the afterlife to your world. It is our mission, our purpose. Together, we can, and will, do it. Too much miss-information has confused people. All the different religions, all competing with each other for control. They used fear of death, and a God of vengeance, to prevent Man from realising that HE is SPIRIT, he is part of the Godhead. Deep within your soul, you all know this. You are confused by all the fear and mind-control that you are subjected to. Go within yourselves, find the real you. Know who you are. Trust in the love of the Supreme Creator. Endeavour to see the Light in all human beings, even those whose lives are controlled by the dark forces. Try to find a chink of light. Reach out to them. They are just lost and confused, they have been subjected to mind-control. Look, look into their eyes. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. Those who are controlled, cannot meet your gaze comfortably; their eyes are troubled, pray for them. I ask each of you to believe in yourselves. You are beings of Light. Trust your instinct, it will not lead you astray. Everything around you is geared to bring you down, to dull your senses. Open your eyes to the truth, you all have access to it. It is up to each individual to seek it. Within each of you is the ability to reach out to Spirit, to know who you are and what your purpose is. Each Spirit chooses to live on Earth; some to learn, some to guide, some just to experience what it feels like to have a body, plus all the restrictions that that entails. This is done to reach a higher level on my side of life.

So many picked up on how I described what it’s like on this side of life. Yes, “GLORIOUS” is a good description. It is beyond anything your five senses could comprehend.

I want to assure you that all those people in Haiti who came to Spirit, came quickly, and have no memory of suffering. One day they were in abject poverty, and suddenly, they were being lovingly cared for and introduced to their ancestors, who eagerly awaited them. They were called to Spirit. I know how upsetting it is, to see the devastation and suffering. I did make you aware that earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, will happen. We need to bring many souls back to Spirit. Sadly, it takes such a tragic event for people to reach out to the less fortunate in your world. They are safe now. They had completed their time on Earth, it was time for them to return. Man does not control the Earth, not even his own life. Will the human race ever learn this?

You are surprised that so many are speaking out, refusing to be part of the Great Conspiracy. It takes courage to do this, they need your support and your prayers. Your world is reaching the end of its cycle. It must move forward. There are those in Spirit, as well as on other planets, who will guide you, help you to adjust to the higher energy. Trust me, darling, help is at hand. How arrogant of the corrupt to think that they could possibly control your planet and the spirits who dwell on it. They will fight hard, it will not be without its challenges. Trust in the Light to protect and guide you. I have been talking to you about the New Energy for a long time, preparing you for the inevitable changes that will be required. Those who work in the Light have nothing to fear.

Things happen only when we see the timing is right and everything is in place. Be prepared to move forward, knowing that you have helped to bring about a better world for all people of the Light. My love is yours forever. Your adoring husband, Monty.