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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th January 2010

Message from Veronica: "I am delighted that so many of you, clicked on to the tape of Montague's First Materialisation, which was recorded four months after his death. It had special meaning for those who cared for Monty to be able to hear his voice once more. I will release more tapes, from time to time."

Thank you for your messages, I appreciate your support. Veronica and Montague.

Veronica, my dear, one of the hardest lessons we both learned when I passed to Spirit, was that there were so few people that we could trust. I had to accept that those I had trusted, both family as well as colleagues — people I had regarded as trustworthy — had let me down so badly. I had thought they believed in me and in my work. I now conclude, they did not know me at all. The importance of my work when I was on Earth, and now, is of the greatest importance to me, and will continue to be. I thank you, my dear, for accepting this burden of responsibility. It is not an easy path, nor was mine. Remember the opposition I experienced, regarding the Scole experiments. Those people in the SPR who made our lives so difficult, even as I lay in hospital, conspired to prevent my work from being published. There are always those who try to prevent the truth from being revealed and accepted. Those same people have since tried to make money from it. Well, what does that tell you? One day, I assure you, they will face the fact that they were wrong on so many fronts. As I have said many times before, death is a great leveller.

Veronica, you are only too aware that your world is facing a grave situation. Those who sit idly by, in what they think are "secure little boxes", are making a profound mistake. Nothing in their lives is secure. By doing nothing, you give permission for the Dark Side to go forward, to exert its influence, to complete its plans. Yes, I am aware that more people are opening their eyes. They need to be vocal, to take others along with them in peace and harmony, to seek the justice that is their right. Come together, seek the Light that will guide you forward to a better life, plus a planet without darkness. I beseech you to seek the truth on all matters. Do not just accept what you are told. Governments are not what you believe them to be, there is a hidden agenda. The Dark Side has infiltrated everywhere and everything. I will say it again, "Nothing is as it seems". Institutions that you trust have your best interests at heart, do not, and are not what you are told that they are. Far too much is accepted at face value. They have fixed it so that you are filled with fear and concern. This is only to ensure you do not see what is actually happening under your noses. This is your planet that you seem to be abandoning to those who regard you only as slaves. You, who through your taxes, pay for their plans. Wake up, please wake up! Time is of the essence. The darkness spreads like a malignant cancer, no country is safe. England, the country that was home to me in my last incarnation, is about to be engulfed. Their plans are prepared. Your apathy allows it to happen.

Look at America now, where are their human rights. They are the most controlled people. Sadly, they allowed it to happen. I ask you, "Is this what you want?"

Do not make it difficult for the Light to take you forward. We will succeed. With your help it will happen faster, and so prevent so much needless suffering. This battle is happening right now. My friends and I, in Spirit, are with you every step of the way. You are, by no means, alone. You live in dangerous times.

I shared your tears as you listened to the tapes of me speaking from this side of life, of my love for you. Darling, I miss you too. It is painful to be physically apart. Because of our love and marriage, you have had to face such injustice and hatred. You know I never expected that to happen. They will face me, one day. This is an example of the cancer of hate that is being spread in your world. It is our concern for all mankind that drives us forward. The suffering must stop. Remember, we too have plans.

Work with those who work and live in the Light. Never forget that the power of love is greater than the power of hate. Love, and love alone, will take you forward. Let our love act as a shining light to guide others forward to a better life for all. It can, and will be done. All you need is the will to do it. Each and every one of you, has the power to do this. Take back your power, this is your time. Do not trust or take anyone at face value. Guidance is there, all you need to do is ask. We are there for you, all of you.

Take care, my love. The purpose of the snow was to destroy the Swine Flu virus, and it has. What will they produce next?

Happily adjust to the higher energy, this is your future. See the Evil Ones disappear from your world forever.

Rest, my dear, we have much to do and to look forward to. I am, forever, your adoring husband, Monty.