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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 3rd January 2010

Greetings, my Darling, on this, our first writing of 2010. A year when so much will open up and the reality of situations will dawn on your fellow-man. They are beginning to question the propaganda regarding the so-called "war on terrorism", while in fact, they themselves are the cause of the problems. Questions must be asked, do not just accept all that you are told. The time for truth is at hand on all issues, global as well as personal.

I shared your joy and excitement when you received an invitation in a letter from CHINA. Now this is an example of why you should not believe all you are told about certain countries and their people.

Quote from letter:

"China is a very dynamic country, that, in a few decades, has become an economic engine for the world. It is time for China to become an engine for promoting SPIRITUAL experiences that bring into human life, meaning, joy and an intimate feeling of oneness with others, with Earth and with the ULTIMATE CREATIVE ENERGY source of All That Is."

He talks of energy as a life force that circulates throughout the whole world, not only the human body. He asks when we think medical anatomy and physiology textbooks will include pictures of ENERGY FIELDS, MERIDIANS, and CHAKRAS? I ask you, does this coincide with your idea of China, and the repressed people of China we are told about? This gentleman will never know how much HOPE in the future of our world his letter has brought me. I thank him, most sincerely, for this and his very kind invitation.

The world is going through a transformational process. No one on Earth can stop it. Your Solar System is moving to where there will be light and energy. Your sun is also changing. Atmospheric changes will occur. All that was built on deceit will fall, especially on the political front. Real power is to serve and empower all men. Your system foolishly worships those who have amassed wealth and power at the expense of humanity. This violates Universal Law. Look around you, where once you had blue skys, you now have grey, toxic, cloud cover. This exposes people to deadly carcinogens, it destroys your Earth. These chemtrails accelerate cancers, causing pandemic disease. Do not just sit back and allow this to go on. You do have a voice, use it. You have become a world ruled by greed. You have allowed the destruction of the AIR you breathe, the WATER, and of course, the LAND. You are not just destroying your world, you are standing by and watching the destruction of the human race. Your bodies are crying out for OXYGEN, which is the highest systemic antibiotic. Those chemicals destroy your oxygen levels. You must not allow the greed of the few to destroy what is your birthright. There are people within every culture who are aware of what is happening. Use your combined energy to stop this destruction. Remember there is Universal Law. It is a basic instinct in every human being. People take different routes to reunite with their Creator. Everything must be done for the good of humanity and the Earth. Prepare for the shifts in consciousness and energy. Please pray for universal peace, freedom and prosperity for all. You are about to witness the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Prepare on every level; physically, mentally and especially spiritually. You remember how much the land meant to me. We need minerals back in the soil, not chemicals. There are spiritually and technologically advanced civilisations who are only too happy to assist you in coping with the changes you face. Through ignorance of your connection with each other and all of life, you experience wars and so, needless suffering. Take courage, refuse to allow greed to destroy your planet.

Veronica, my dear, I have asked you to put the recording of my first MATERIALISATION on the website. It is time that those who doubt and deny my continued existence should accept the TRUTH. We will put an end to the LIES of those who had another agenda and betrayed my trust. They did not own me, they have no right to speak for me. I am quite capable of speaking for myself. You are my wife, my love for you, our bond of love and trust, enables me to complete my work. Their TREACHERY will be exposed soon. You have the support of so many people in different countries around the world. The awakening has begun. The bodies of the race of people who live by greed and lust for power at any cost have begun to disintegrate as the energy increases. They cannot escape it. It is the way the universe will remove them. You and I will not shed tears for the one who has set out to destroy you and our work. He used his questionable connection with me, to try to convince others that he was telling the truth. I assure you, my love, TRUTH will be revealed on all levels. I never dreamed that those connected with me, would stoop to such low levels. It has been hard for me to see them for what they really are. Nothing is hidden from me now. Greed is so destructive.

As I have told you from this side of life, "You meant more to me than you could know." You still do, my love, you always will. As you get letters from so many different countries, know that our love will inspire them. It will bring hope to many. The film, Montague and Veronica, the film of our love story, will inspire many more. Thank you for being you. I am your adoring husband, Monty.