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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 31st January 2010

Message from Veronica: "Today, Monty would like you to hear his chat with John Sampson (PDF transcipt), which took place nine months after his death. The crystal I wear around my neck was made from 8 ozs of Monty's ashes. The glass locket underneath it, contains Monty's hair. I adored Monty. I still do. This helps me to know that I still have a little bit of him, close to my heart. I do not expect any of you to understand the depth of love that we shared. It survived many lifetimes. Only people on a higher spiritual level, as Monty, could understand. He did have difficulty coming down to the lower level of some of those around him. He could not comply with what they demanded of him. He did not fit into their world. As you will see from this tape, Monty does not miss anything. One day, you will all have to face him. Be prepared."

So much more information is coming to light, confirming what we told you to expect. The good people of planet Earth will be helped to move forward, and so release themselves from the control of the dark side. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. I ask again, take back your power. Each and every one of you has the power to make decisions for yourself. You will not regret this step. Think of it as your first step into the Light. Leave the doom and gloom behind forever, your real enemies are those who preach Fear of so-called enemies that they have endeavoured to create through mind-control. Just remember always: "Nothing is as it seems."

The changes I have told you about are set in stone. They cannot be prevented, though "they" will try by fair means or foul. How arrogant of those who think that they can alter the plans of the Creator for financial gain. In the great scheme of things, they are of little importance. Planet Earth is not theirs to control.

Because you work with us for the greater good of humanity, it is difficult for you to take time for everyday living. We bring things to your attention and you find yourself listening to information you were not aware that you had, and suddenly realising the importance of it, and its relevance to what is happening right now in your world. For six years, we have brought information to you. It is not possible to have it all at your fingertips. Worry not, we will guide you to it, whenever necessary. Everything is given for a reason.

People are also brought into your life. Some to offer help. Some to learn lessons from. Be wary of those you trust. Do not make the same mistakes I made. I allowed myself to be introduced to people who are darkness itself, because I foolishly trusted the person who introduced me. Such mistakes are made by those on a higher vibration, because we cannot relate to the corrupt, who hide behind very charming exteriors, and assurances that they want only to assist you. You know of whom I speak. I failed to see the EVIL INTENT. I can only say, I am truly sorry. I was used, but failed to see that I was being used. My mind was on higher things. Please be assured, the truth will come out. They should remember, pride comes before a fall.

I am pleased that you have commenced the work that we in Spirit have been asking for. It will be painful at times, but the end result will be rewarding — spiritually, as well as in other ways. Together, my dear, we can achieve so much. Just like old times.

There are those who want to help and guide. Many have made their acquaintance and are pleased with the results they got. They will continue to work with you all, to see you through the changes that your planet is going through. Their intentions are honourable. Your planet will be openly visited. There is nothing to fear, they will come in peace to help you advance. They are so much more advanced than Earth and would like to guide you forward.

You watched, this week, as truth was manipulated to give credence to decisions that were not lawfully made, and so many suffered as a result. This state of affairs cannot continue. It is destroying your world and its people. All this killing will stop, it has gone on for far too long. Its purpose is only to make the rich richer, so they can get control, and get rid of the poor. War was never the answer. The same people have gained from wars and strife, no matter what country was involved. They live off the misery of others, even their own people. The truth is there, just look for it. Take control of your own lives.

As the Earth energy changes, know that it is the change that will remove all that is evil and corrupt. You will be free at last to live your life in love and harmony with all men, irrespective of creed or race.

Do not drive yourself, my love. Remember, you are no spring chicken. You need to take time for you. Your love for me drives you forward. It is better to go at a steady pace with breaks for relaxation. We, in Spirit, thank you, and those who are there for you. I have my team here. You have your team on Earth. Together we will succeed.

Enjoy having Ciara visit you. Try to relax. Have some family time for a change. Know that we, in Spirit, are with you every step of the way. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.