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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st February 2010

What a lot of information you had to take on board this week. It confirms what we in Spirit have told you. Yes, it’s difficult, my love, to believe that people could be so evil. Experience should have taught you, after all, look at what you have had to deal with since my passing. You experienced evil in action. Rest assured that each and every one of them will answer for their evil deeds. They think they have power over all men, even the planet in which they reside. You are seeing the struggle between light and dark. We will ensure that the light will remove the dark forever. The new energy will outstrip them, they cannot survive in it. Some are experiencing the disintegration of their bodies, even now. Watch and wait, you will see that what we said would happen, will indeed happen.

How sad you are to see that another disaster has happened. This is all part of the changes that we told you would happen. Remember, my dear, that not all disasters are natural disasters. Some are created to gain control. People are not aware of the capabilities of the forces of evil. These people are devoid of any human feelings, they can wipe out anyone who they deem stands in the way of their plans. They see themselves as superior to what they see as the common man. That is anyone who is not as one with them. They foolishly believe that they can take over planet Earth. They intend to use those they have not wiped out, as slave labour. The world will not stand idly by, nor will we in Spirit, abandon the Earth.

You were pleased to get letters of confirmation that it was, indeed, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, speaking to you about our work. He, too, is very active on this side of life. Never think for a moment, that you are alone. You have an army of us here, supporting you on this mission, that you have undertaken to bring light and peace to a troubled world. You must all be vigilant, not everyone is on the right path. Do not take anyone on trust, the evil have infiltrated just about everywhere. They can be very convincing. Look into their eyes, they are the mirrors of the soul. Fine words are spoken, they are a smoke-screen to hide their true intentions. I will say, yet again, "Nothing is as it seems", always remember that.

Come together, combine your energy for the good of mankind. Face the TRUTH. I know it’s hard to rock your own personal boat, but it is what is required to defeat the forces of evil. They are trying to destroy your planet. Be open to light and truth. You have the ability to restore light and truth on your planet. Be brave. Together it will be easy. Darling, we told you in early December, that someone involved in the dark side would speak out. Now that this has happened and the TRUTH is out there, see this as the first step towards the light. He was guided to reveal the evil plans. It is important to question everything, do not accept anything you are told at face value. Their purpose is to create FEAR, so you will agree to more controls. To do so, you would become slaves to the dark side. Your Creator will never abandon you. There will be justice for all men. We will guide you through these difficult times. You are all co-creators of a future that embraces light, peace and harmony for all mankind. Future generations will look back and thank you, for all you have done to bring this about. Veronica, remember, I told you that everything you had done in your life until you met me, was incidental. You are now doing the work you came on Earth to do. Our purpose is to bring enlightenment to all men.

You need to rest, my love, everything is happening just as we said it would. My love is yours forever. I am your adoring husband, Monty.