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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th February 2010

Message from Veronica: "Today, we would like to share with you, one of the recordings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, speaking to me in his own voice at a séance. So many from the world of Spirit, come through to speak to me about the work my husband is doing with me. They hold him in great esteem. I am so proud of him."

Greetings, my dear wife, on this day, dedicated to Love. You and I know the importance of love and the difference it can make to your life on Earth. We love on a soul level. Everything we do is an expression of the love we found in each other. I am with you always. I will never leave you. Love is a very powerful energy that everyone should aspire to.

Veronica, the new energy I have talked about with you, so many times since I passed to Spirit, is becoming more powerful. Its benefits will be great. Such a change could not happen overnight. Man has to be eased gently into it. I cannot give timing when this will be in place. Be assured, it is coming like a new dawn. It will bring light, harmony and peace. The healing it will bring will be seen as miraculous. You know this has started. News of this will spread. More people will open up to it. It will be overseen by our side of life, as people become more spiritual. Our two worlds connect. There will be a greater understanding of life on both sides of the divide. We, in Spirit, are communicating, we do not need words to connect and give information. Everything is thought, everything is vibration, everything vibrates at a given rate. This was understood thousands of years ago when mankind was free of the restrictions that were placed to control him. Through conditioning, you have lost the capability. But it is coming back. In séance, when you get an apport, it is a solid object. It comes through time and space, and it comes through matter to where it needs to be. Ask yourselves if a solid object can do it, why not man? Because of conditioning, you hold yourselves back. Everything is possible.

All restrictions are man-made. There are people out there who try to take Man forward, such as Dr Edgar Mitchell, to open minds to an understanding of space, other planets and the universe in which you all live. There are so many possibilities all waiting to be explored. Man’s necessity for food is a problem, but it is one that can be overcome. Once this is achieved, then space is open to all. You can go faster than the speed of light. Einstein was wrong, he accepts this. Beings from other planets would not be able to get here, otherwise. That you cannot go faster than sound is another myth, and totally wrong. An object has been moved from one place to another. It dematerialised and re-materialised. This has been established. It is kept under security because it is not stable enough as yet. A greater understanding of the world in which you live is opening up to you. The possibilities are enormous. You have allowed your minds to be clogged up with so much rubbish. You have become no more than robots. Likewise, your own personal worlds have become so small, so controlled — filled only with mindless TV and sport. You only communicate within your own small circle. It is possible to research anything you choose on your computers. Books — I treasured mine, my books. Libraries are being closed down, no one seems to notice, how sad is that. Educational standards are being lowered so that young minds are never given the opportunities to explore all the possibilities. The new dawn is coming, when Man will be released from bondage.

More beings from other planets will assist mankind, as Man has lost his way through greed. More and more sightings will be reported. You will see more crop circles being formed. I researched the crop circles. They fascinated me. I both wrote, and spoke about them. You will still have the debunkers. These people are not on a high enough level of life to understand what they are seeing or the universe in which they live. To fully understand the information within the crop circles, photograph them. Play with the photographs, shifting them about, placing some on top of each other. They will show galaxies, etc. Look for what is written within the circles. They each bring a message. All are done with love.

On this Saint Valentines Day, send out your love to all mankind. Look forward to when all men will be equal — as they are in the eyes of the Creator — when every man, woman and child will have dignity, and a quality of life that should be his right. Pray that the power crazed countries will cease to enforce their will on other countries and all men will know peace. The desire for peace will draw it closer, so it will become a reality. Remember the power of thought.

When you have love in your life, you have everything, you are fulfilled. Sometimes, love happens when you least expect it, or when you have given up on ever knowing real love. Be open to it as you travel your road through life.

Veronica, my love for you grows ever stronger, as together we try to bring the light of love to all mankind. I am forever your adoring, Monty.