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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th February 2010

Thank you for celebrating what would have been my 85th birthday, with friends from both sides of life, last evening. Thank you for my cake, it was a particularly nice one, candles and all. We, from the world of Spirit, were happy to talk with you all, and bring light into the darkness of your world. It was a lovely evening, sharing the peace and harmony from our side of life with you. As you have said in the past, "people are dead, only when they are forgotten". You, my dear, ensure that my work and I, go on. Our purpose, to bring light, peace and harmony, to a world that has lost its way.

We shared a lot of information with you last evening, now it's time to share some of it with those who read my letters to you. You have become aware that your weather patterns are changing. It's caused by the sun and the moon, and the strange cosmic effects coming about. As Man struggles to find a way of changing the weather patterns, he fails to accept that MAN DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. We bring forward knowledge of these patterns of change as they affect all life, not just the physical, but at a soul level. Much manipulation has been forced on mankind, they can change this.

The Middle East is not what "they" make out. They have good and bad, as do all countries, and indeed, nature itself. The West has been taught to see through eyes of deception, but no more. The age of darkness is almost over. We are on the cusp of it. It is your destiny to see the stars and the planets. "They" cannot keep quiet much longer. There will be changes to gravity, also regarding the solar system, there may be a shift of the planets that go around the sun which will cause some excitement. Your planet is not alone, there are many similar. But your one has more problems that we are trying to fix. We cannot do this physically, we do it through our minds. Your Earth is much older than you know.

You will be aware of the new alignments of the planets. Veronica, you have been informed of this. This information was imparted to you some time ago, that the planets will align. You documented it. This can be verified in my writings. You were aware of the happening, last week, when the sun gave off a strange red light around it, as it was setting. "They" put it down to a phenomenon. But you can rest assured, it was coming from elsewhere. The strange light that "they" said, came from the sun, was being polarised from another factor. There are happenings in other areas that "they" are not letting you know about. There will be more EVIDENCE on your computers soon, information about what is taking place out in space. The information will alter people’s thinking. There are planets going around the sun. You saw this on your computer. Ask yourself how did the sun change its appearance? You have to understand that the sun is getting closer. Because of the radiation, "they" are trying to manipulate or block it from doing too much damage. "They" are also concerned about the flares from the sun. If you look closely at the picture, you will see more than you saw when you looked already, as you wondered if what you saw was for real. Look very closely to the RIGHT of the picture, you will see an object. Very faint, like a star. You will find it.

I have given information about what will happen in April, to several people, as EVIDENCE that it was planned. Open your eyes, the world of Spirit is working with you to protect you. Never give up hope. There is a longing for peace. You are on the Earth for the soul to get to know itself. Knowledge makes the soul wiser through experience. You created your past, you can create your future, but it is the here and now that counts. You are part of a plan for change, for that change to make a difference. It is a plan that no one can stop. The Spirit world is giving mankind another chance to succeed. You are not alone. Bring forward these plans for change. Create them. Love is the key to fix it.

You are tired, my love. We have covered some serious subjects. It is important that this information is available to the people who care. More and more are coming to see the light. Reach out to us in Spirit, we are here for you. Embrace the changes, knowing that they are for the good of mankind. I am forever in your heart and in your soul. Your adoring husband, Monty.