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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th February 2010


The time for truth is dawning, it will happen as surely as night follows day. Veronica, my dear one, I tried to prepare you for the earthquakes, tsunami and floods, as your planet moves forward and The Shift proceeds. I know that your heart goes out to those in fear and pain. The Earth, as you know it, must change. These changes cannot be altered. Man has no control over this. The evil in your world has endeavoured to destroy Man's connection to his higher self. Reconnect with the spiritual being that you are, stand up for yourself. Find your self-respect, take responsibility, there are multiple paths available to you. Wake up to the abuse and control that you all surrendered to. New challenges, new experiences, await you as you prepare for the quantum shift to occur. Go with the flow, trust your gut feeling, your energy is rising. Through meditation, connect with your higher self. Trust your judgment as you proceed to the next level of evolution. Become a conscious human being in a conscious universe. Planetary changes are happening throughout your solar system. Heal your Earth, a great transformation is happening. Make a difference. The Evil Ones, who try to destroy and control planet Earth, believe that because they were not stopped, they have a free reign over all. They felt free to manipulate the collapse of the economy. They feel that if there really was a Supreme Creator, then surely, he would have stopped them. The All-Seeing One has observed all, and will soon step in to put a stop to the destruction of the planet and mankind. The all-seeing open eye is on our crest. It is there for a reason. All the rituals, no matter how powerful they believe them to be, are powerless in the light. As you proceed towards the light, out of the prison of control that you have all become accustomed to, know that you have free will. Make choices. Refuse to play their game anymore.

When you elect people to government, they are your servants. Why do they govern you, and so, become your masters. Governments become businesses. Check it out, it's there to make money out of you. They all hide their true intentions. They use fine words and promise all, but deliver nothing except more controls, creating more excuses for yet more wars, to make even more money, so as to keep the flow of money going into the same pockets, decade after decade. The truth is there. You owe it to yourselves to seek it out. There are many like-minded people, all seeking TRUTH. Reach out to each other. Together, you will restore the light. My purpose, when I was on planet Earth, was to help bring the light into the lives of those who questioned whether there was an afterlife. I did my best to live an honourable life. I brought truth through my research, writings and lectures. Now I do it through my dear wife. I do intend to become more active in your world when the timing is right. I will speak out myself. I need to release you dear people, into the light, to rescue you from the forces of evil. They have enslaved you for far too long. To those I was obliged to call family while I was on Earth, I intend to show my displeasure. You abused my trust. You knew not who you were dealing with. I say to them, how come I am able to do all I do. It is not the norm. Only my wife knew me — the real me. Those who stole from me after my passing, have hurt me, and more importantly, hurt my dear wife. Even death cannot separate us.

Mankind has come to a fork in the road of life. Only the honest and enlightened can move forward, the others will fall by the wayside. They have brought about their own destruction.

Seek the knowledge that will set you free. Value truth and honesty in your fellow man. Question everything. Do not allow FEAR into your lives. Appreciate the work that the many people like my wife, do, to open your minds, and so lead you towards the light and fulfilment. Ask that your life is filled with Divine Light.

My love surrounds you, my dear. I am forever, your adoring husband, Monty.