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As you spread your wings, more people come to assist us, each bringing their own particular expertise and specialised knowledge. They gathered in our home for four days of sharing and experiencing. The energy in our home was spectacular, to say the least. You, my love, were given the Mer-Ka-Ba in 3D with 8 points, just as I asked for, shortly after my passing. You asked yourself, "How did Gordon know I needed this." Well my dear, we had a little word in his ear. His connection with our work has been established by us in the Network. The pieces of the great puzzle are coming together. The awakening is gathering speed. Every country is seeking truth. As the Dark Cabal causes unrest and the masses rise up to remove the despots that the Cabal have kept in power for years, they carefully choose other despots, some of whom are even worse than those deposed. The object of the exercise is to create an excuse to invade Iran. For the Cabal to retain power it requires the spilling of blood. They care not whose blood it is. Armies are created for this sole purpose. You were told that there are very few nuclear weapons in existence. They pretend that many countries have them and are a threat to peace, and so must be contained. This is a myth created to cause FEAR. Their ability to create fear about "weapons of mass destruction" will not be accepted again. People are awake to such appalling lies, they will refuse to fall for it again.

Be aware that when religions speak of God, you need to ask yourselves is it the God of Love and Light or is it Lucifer, who sees himself as a God of vengeance, hell fire and damnation. The one who is used to control the masses.

The God of Love, the SUPREME BEING, he who inspires love and compassion in all souls who seek peace and truth. The rat race, which is aptly named, will be seen as a ploy to keep you busy, to control you by making you constantly aspire to greater wealth and position. It does not make you happy and fulfilled. Love alone will do that. Reasses your values, look at your lives, where does love come in your list of priorities?

The New World Order have plans to create such holographic images in the sky when people will be led to believe that they are seeing the fulfillment of prophesies of old. They will show UFOs and flying saucers that are NOT REAL. Enough truth will be revealed to the unsuspecting world to hook them into their BIG LIE. They will pretend that it is the God of love, fulfilling promises of old, when in fact it is the New World Order. It’s deception and seduction on a massive scale. It will be convincing and lifelike. It will be the ANTICHRIST. Star Wars, a combination of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis on a grand scale. They have thought of everything in their final attempt to take over your world. We will not stand by and watch this happen. We will guide and protect all who walk in the Light. My dear, it may seem as if I preach doom and gloom. My only intention is to protect and forewarn of these evil deeds, so that you will not be alarmed by the events described. I could write every Sunday about the wonders of the afterlife, while on Earth, those I love are trying to cope with such terrible events as they struggle for their very survival in these dark times.

You are almost at the end of time as you know it. The transition will make everything worthwhile. You will soon forget the bad moments and will rejoice as you all come together in love and harmony. The male energy with massive egos will lose all that they strived for, for hundreds of years. It will fade before their eyes. The feminine energy will once more take control to create a peaceful world where all will know freedom and peace. There will be food and assistance for those countries which never stood a chance in the other regime. Freedom, real freedom, will become the norm. This is the future you are now creating. Your friends from other planets are ready to assist with their advanced knowledge in every sphere of life that you will need to improve. All will benefit from this. Planet Earth has been held back. Information on other planets and their inhabitants has been kept secret, lest you might investigate. They have always known that beings from other planets have visited Earth. They have left ample evidence of this, through the ages. The Dark Cabal have shot down craft from other planets. It has all been kept secret from you. They do not want you to know the truth that the universe is inhabited. They fear that they would lose control.

Soon they will have to return to the planet they originally came from. Earth will no longer tolerate them. I have always said that the truth will set you free. Free to travel to parts of your world that you have never been allowed to know about and to other planets. All restrictions will be lifted. Everything that the Cabal put in place to control you will go forever. Our worlds will come together. Love will reign supreme, and you, all of you, who have worked hard, who have endured criticism and abuse to try to push you off your path, will see your dreams fulfilled.

Yes, these are difficult times. They will not last. Know the importance of the work that you do. Create love wherever you go. Show love to all you meet. Thank you, my love, for all that you do to fulfil our dreams. I will always be your adoring, Monty.

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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th February 2011