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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th August 2010

My own dear wife, who even though not at all well, continues to put me and my work before all else. We in the Network are aware of everything. There is great conflict between light and dark happening at this time. I repeat yet again, nothing is as it seems. Never accept anything at face value.

We ask that you come together in light and harmony whenever possible. Spread your light far and wide. The light has reached every corner of your universe. Absorb it! There are many who should not be on planet Earth at all. It was never meant for them. Perhaps it is time for them to return to their planet of origin.

There are those out there, who are waiting to show themselves. They will show you how to live in harmony with all beings. It will be possible for all to live well when money ceases to be God. Banks will no longer call the tune.

My dear wife is struggling. Please understand. She is not well. It is not good for her to try to force herself to concentrate. Please excuse her. Send healing to her. She devotes her life to me, and we in Spirit are deeply grateful to her.

You are in a time of great change. Be open to our guidance. We are here for you always.

Veronica, my dear. I ask that you rest and recover. We are ever at your side. We will continue next week.

I will never leave you, my dear. I will always be your adoring husband, Monty.