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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 22nd April 2007

Darling, it really does not matter if you are a few minutes late, writing with me. Marcia and Ciara took a little longer than anticipated leaving, and you need the house empty to write with me.

You are blessed with with your children and grandchildren who were determined you had a wonderful birthday. You have around you, now, some very special people who have great interest in our work, and are willing to help with our projects. They want to make a difference. We will continue to bring the right people to you. You will never have to go through, again, the dishonesty you suffered when I passed to Spirit, from my old colleagues both in England and in America. They would not dare, now. That's why they leave you alone.

Bronwen — your absolute delight when she agreed to become a director of our Foundation. Such beautiful energy and honesty, and so open to Spirit. You may also consider that a birthday present from Spirit. Listen to her, be in her presence whenever possible. She has a great deal of knowledge. You will learn from her. She was specially chosen by Spirit. A beautiful soul. People who are aware are conscious of this when they meet her. Thank her for me, for agreeing to be involved.

You got emails this week, from people who are surprised when things I say will happen, do happen. You knew me as a man of my word, and with the advantage I have now of seeing and hearing everything, of course I know what will happen. They cannot hide, I will see to that. All will be exposed as promised. There will be no talking their way out of situations.

It was good to see your children meet Neil. His legal brain is second to none. He will protect you. He cared enough to come to your party. He stands for honesty, and will flush out the dishonest dealings to do with my will and make it public knowledge, so others do not make the same mistake I did. He sees clearly what has been done behind your back. I will speak out on this also. There is no resting place for the dishonest.

The world is gradually coming around to our way of thinking. We in Spirit want only what is best for mankind. We are not about lining the pockets of those in politics or big business, who have until now, controlled man on every level. Here, again, the dishonest will be flushed out and dealt with. They feel they are so powerful they can control everything, and they have until now. It will end. People will take control and make decisions collectively. Too much power in too few hands.

It is interesting now that you have put my death certificate on the web, there is still SILENCE from those who thought that whatever they said, stands. They look ridiculous now. You, my love, who knew me better than anyone in my life and who never left my side during my passing, and for many hours after, were dismissed because the great S. said I had a heart attack. So that must be so, and the lemmings followed. Who will they follow, now, when all is exposed? There will be a few red faces, running like scared rats in all directions. It will be fun to watch for us, too.

Our scientist moves slowly but surely. Trust me, he will get there and all will flow as it should. You have the right people for that project and Anthony will guide it. He has a superb business brain. We have complete faith in him and the people he chooses.

Alison is right, we must prepare for the film. The story of you and I, and our work. That is all that is needed. The work is the All Important Message, and our love that continues, though I am now Spirit. You are never alone. Love is what is important. To my blood family, Love = Money. The more money you have, the more love you get. To give your love unconditionally is the greatest gift anyone can give. You cannot buy it.

Please thank your children and friends for all the marvellous presents for me. One day, I will do it in person! I thank them also for being there for you. The generosity of your children touches me deeply. They put effort into finding what will give you pleasure. Your birthday cake was fantastic. Thank you, Maeve.

Take advice from Robert. He now understands the problem. Gerry will, of course, want you to go down the conventional route. But stick to your guns and take advice from both. Always try the alternative way first and if that fails, be open to suggestions.

Now, my love, you have had a wonderful birthday weekend and it has left you a little tired, so I will take my leave of you and hope you will settle down to rest, now you have the house to yourself again. Peace again. Three days of celebration and of excitement, being pampered, can get a little tiring. But very pleasant, also.

We are making progress on all fronts. Think, when the dishonest are moved on, we will just race ahead and achieve all that we planned without hindrance.

You, my love, look after yourself. Thank Helen. Her efforts to calm you, have certainly made a difference, and she has given you the tools to deal with situations on your own. It was interesting to watch. Man is only learning about the human body and how it can respond to stimuli.

My own birthday girl, look to more presents coming your way from Spirit. I am, and always will be, your adoring husband, Monty.