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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 20th April 2008

Many happy returns of tomorrow. I am so pleased you are enjoying those beautiful red roses I especially chose for you. Accept them, darling, with all my love. Your family love to celebrate birthdays. With you, I learned to see birthdays as a celebration of life, not as just being one year older. Please thank your friends for me, for making the time to have celebration dinners with you, this week. Darling, you used to remind me that life was for living not just for work. I need you to remember that! The time you spend with family and friends is so beneficial, it gives you the strength and encouragement to go forward with our work.

Yes, you are right, our connection has become very much stronger due to your Dutch friend's efforts. You were so surprised yesterday, when I asked you to wear one of my jumpers. I loved that particular one. It creates yet another link. You treat everything that was mine with such reverence. Darling, they are yours now.

I am glad you have arranged the venue for our next Board Meeting. You will have much to discuss and arrange. Records must be kept. Peter's logical and methodical mind is perfect for guiding and setting the agenda. As you will have all our Directors present from both the US and UK, it is important to discuss what is happening on both sides of the pond. Please thank Alison for taking time from her very busy schedule, to visit England for this. I value her contribution to our work. This is an important year. We too, have been busy, putting things in place. New people are coming forward every day. Bronwen is enjoying being a spokesperson for us. She is happy in this roll. Robert is now seeing things coming together, both for our CO2 project and stem cells. The drug companies will no longer be able to keep the lid on stem cells. The fact that you can now inject stem cells directly into the HEART, means no more of those dreadful heart transplants. We are guiding this. People must find their voices and insist on stem cells being available for all. My own life on Earth would have been so much better if they were available for me and my poor heart. This is PROGRESS, my love, and they cannot forever prevent progress in this field. We are helping Robert to take this forward and to be recognised as the truly Great Doctor that he is.

You are right to trust your gut instinct. You are becoming adept at recognising when people are not to be trusted. People will try anything to prevent you from working with me. They continue to find new ploys to try to get to you, so they can create links with me. I watch their little games. It just shows that they know absolutely nothing about the world of Spirit. We see all, we hear all. Nothing can be hidden from us. We are omnipresent As a human, you are one dimensional. In Spirit, you can be in several places at the same time. It is beyond your understanding. It is not possible for Man to understand this concept. As I continually show you, my love, I am always with you.

You watched with interest all the goings on in America, last week. Everyone hiding behind such fine words and gestures. Making promises, creating a fine spectacle, while all the time hiding the truth of all that they are responsible for. They, too, will face the truth of their actions. Nothing will remain hidden. Those who have caused pain and suffering to their fellow man will answer for it.

Now, my love, I want you to prepare to celebrate 71 years of life on Earth, tomorrow, with your family, knowing that I will be there to share your birthday with you. I will have my usual G and T, to drink to your good health. You deserve a lovely day. I will do my best to ensure that you do. You, my love, meant more to me than you could know. My love is yours forever. I am always your adoring and attentive husband, Monty.