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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th April 2007

We shared your excitement, this week, when you received the news that The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act was passed by the Senate in America, 63 to 34. We told you the world must look to Stem Cells. Trust us, my dear, they are the answer. Politicians will not be able to stop this, no matter how much money the drug companies pour into their coffers. They will not be able to control governments anymore. I hope you are all ready to proceed. Too much time has been wasted already.

You also got the news that the justice we promised you is about to happen. The Federal Investigation Dept will not leave a stone unturned. Truth will be exposed. There is no room for such individuals in this field. They have got away with so much for so many years. They thought they were invincible. They may have fooled their colleagues, but the Spirit world sees all, and now have the means to expose and deal with such people. There are good people about to come forward, to take over the mantle in another university. Always remember, the truth will always come out in the end. You cannot hide from Spirit. Consider these two events as birthday presents from us in Spirit. This is just the beginning. So much will be exposed and dealt with, this year.

I am pleased you are having your birthday party at the Farmers Club. I always liked going there and, of course, I will be there for your gathering. It will be a lovely opportunity for your team to meet all your family. Your team is expanding and they are all good people, who are truly interested in our work to improve the lives of man, and to create an understanding of Spirit and the continuity of life, and the futility of war and divisions. We are getting there. Thank you for your patience, my love. I want you to enjoy your birthday. Remember all the surprises you used to arrange for me. Well, I may have one or two up my sleeve, so to speak!

Duke University has been inspired to research the paranormal, etc. Please tell them we wish them success. They must always ensure they work only with honest scientists and mediums and we will support them in their endeavours.

The time is right for us to go forward with our projects. Tell Anthony we are aware of the situation he had to deal with last week. We tried to make it as easy as possible for him. There are times in life when we have to do things that hurt us deeply. We were at his side. He has an important roll to play and not just with our projects, He is someone who will make a difference in your world.

You are meeting someone who will be very helpful to you. It is worth the effort to go there. There are some good people out there. It’s just a matter of finding them and getting them to you.

You are surprised at the questions you are being asked. Do not worry, my love, you answer and give them hope and an understanding of Spirit. We help whenever needed.

70 next week! Thank Robert for looking after you so well. You never expected to ever be 70. We need you to be able to be there until you can safely pass the mantle to someone else, to continue the work that you and I started. You are connected to us. I find it so easy to pass information and am able to show you exactly, either what has happened, or is about to happen. You trust us now, even when we show you things your earthly brain feels could never happen. We, in Spirit, are determined to make changes and they are much needed changes. Remember when I used to say "You and I make a good team". I never realised just how good, until I joined the world of Spirit. I could not have wished for better. Thank you.

Enjoy your week. Try not to get stressed. Your family will be with you and I include myself, of course. You deserve a lovely birthday, my love. Maeve, the party expert, has ordered a wonderful cake. She has a great eye for detail. Give my thanks to everyone for being there for you. Be happy, my darling, things are all working out just as I planned. You are, and always will be, the love of my life. Your own, Monty.