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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th December 2007

May I take this opportunity to wish you, my love, and all those who have contributed to our work, a very happy, peaceful and fulfilling 2008. I thank them for being there for you in 2007. We have shared with them our dreams and hopes for creating a better world for all. This can be done and it will be done with our guidance. So many on this side of life are working towards this, it will not fail.

Please thank Simon, he and Helen prepared a banquet fit for kings on Christmas Day. Seeing the whole family together is very special to me. I was there. I would not have missed it. Memories, memories, my love, of such happy times. Maeve was yet again, the Fairy Godmother, dishing out such marvellous presents for all. She puts much effort into pleasing everyone, especially Ciara. Maeve is one of those rare people who enjoy giving.

Your excitement yesterday, when you received the email from Edgar M., even though I had told you he would be involved with the CO2 project in the US. When you actually saw it in print, you could hardly contain yourself. You were so eager to inform every one of the decision. Your joy at seeing what I fortell coming to fruition, is always very pleasing to me. He will come to London and you will introduce him to all our people. He is a very special man. That is why he was chosen. He understands the importance of that project, he also has access to the scientists who will assist us. I promised you the doors would open. All you have to do, is be prepared to take it one step forward each time, until all are in place and we go into production. We have already guided you on that, so you know exactly what to do on that score. This is BIG, my love, every country will be involved and planet Earth will benefit and be renewed. People will breathe fresh air again, pollution will cease. It involves a lot of hard work, my love, you will do it. It will become part of our legacy to the world.

I watched, this morning, as you read James O'Dea's hopes for 2008. You were very impressed when you met him. He has great insight, a good man. He talks about the human quest for TRUTH. He talks of the interdependence of all life on Earth. He asks for collective action to prevent environmental degradation, toxic poisoning and climate imbalance. He asks all to be an URGENT VOICE for ecological and sustainable development. He asks for scientific explorations that help us shift to higher creativity and more evolved consciousness. He says: in every age, mystics, sages and teachers have shown us how to go deep within, and, by doing so, experience the great gift of awareness itself. In the year ahead, listen to the voice within. James, I would like to point out to you, that is precisely what Veronica has done since I passed to Spirit. I am the teacher she requires to show her the way. You were right, James, in 2008 we will see a big shift. There are many changes in store, some we will like and some that will upset us deeply. They must happen for the right changes to occur. Look to the end result. The world cannot go on as it is, it cannot be allowed to self-destruct. You will meet James O'Dea again. You are both working towards the same end.

This is a very difficult time for you, my love, you especially miss my physical presence at Christmas and New Year. Then you have the anniversary of my passing on 15th January, quickly followed by my birthday on the 7th February. We, in Spirit, are trying to arrange more "surprises" for you, to alleviate your sense of loss. Try to concentrate on our work. Remember to take it forward, everyone must be singing from the same hymn sheet.

There is much to look forward to in 2008, though a lot of hard work is involved, there will be great rewards. I do not refer to the monetary type. Seeing our hard work bringing the results we hoped for, will bring great joy to both of us.

My darling, try to rest, so that when the action starts you are ready to go with it. As I close for now, know I am busy opening the right doors for us. There will be much excitement. You will always be the love of my life. Your adoring husband, Monty.