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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 8th April 2007

Easter Greetings to you, my darling. I watched as you walked around the garden, this morning, observing the new leaves on our trees. You love Spring, as I always did. The new beginnings, full of promise. That is how I see our work now. We will see things develop and flourish. Our work is being accepted by more people all the time. You were taken aback when you looked at your email, this morning, when in response to a comment you made on M.P.'s blog, he responded, "Veronica Keen! I feel like our little blog has been visited by research royalty. Thanks." You find it difficult to accept that there are people out there, who have high regard for you and the work you are doing.

Wish Charlotte a very happy 21st birthday. You are looking forward to the family gathering at Simon's today. Relax and enjoy all your grandchildren around you. There will be much laughter and good food, as always. I am never too busy to go to Simon's dinner parties.

You listened to the Pope as you got dressed, this morning. We were aware of your thoughts — what fine words. But where is the action. And words without action are totally useless. Fine words, indeed, throughout all the Churches today, that in reality do not mean anything. They do not reach the people of the world, who so desperately need help, just to exist. They cling to their riches and are so materialistic. Do they ever listen to their own words?

Our projects, my love, are to benefit all mankind. Africa will see changes when our project on Global Warming is up and running. The poor and starving will regain their dignity. They will no longer have to live with the pollution from the West. You, my love, are trying to pull all this together. Anthony is out of the country now. Every time either Anthony or Robert are away, you cannot go forward. Once it is up and running, there will be others who will see to the day-to-day running of the production of our "little black box" as we like to call it. The world scientists met last week, desperately searching for the answer that we have. Because you are not a scientist, you do not want to talk about it. Though you experienced it working perfectly and you have complete confidence in it.

We are hoping to do one or two things, this month, to show we are around. Once we get it just right, then there will be no stopping us. We feel we can achieve so much. We have one or two plans for your birthday but I want it to be a surprise. We are now knocking on open doors. Our website has done much to open minds to our presence. Ask Tom to put more articles on. People are wanting to understand my work and my philosophy. They want to get to know what I was about. Why does Veronica devote her life to this man. Was he really special, as she feels he was?

We are bringing people in, who will be of help to you. We have to choose carefully. You need people you can trust and work with. That is why it is taking so long. We are giving it great thought.

You are feeling a little better. Your CT Scan was an ordeal for you. Their lack of consideration was upsetting. Robert's treatment is achieving results. He did say it would take a month to "kick in". Thank him for me.

You must go to Simon's now. I want you to enjoy it. Relax and be happy, as if I was at your side, because I am. Believe me, I share in the laughter, enjoying all those wonderful family gatherings also. Who knows, soon they might see me also. Now that would be a tale to tell!

Thank you, my love, for all you do for me. I will say this publicly when I am filmed speaking. I want people to know how much you have done and endured to make it all possible. We have all eternity to be together, my love. Your Monty.