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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th April 2008

What an exciting week you have had. It has been a very important learning experience for you, my love. This is what happens when the right people come forward to help and advise. We, in Spirit, were able to give a clear picture of what was happening and how our Foundation will progress. I repeat, we are on track. All our plans will come to fruition in the fullness of time. You, my love, have been patient and understanding. Always accepting that we in the Network know best. We see the full picture.

You saw for yourself when you talked with Rupert Sheldrake, what can happen when people come together to send healing. Rupert's eyes have been opened to the power of love and prayer. It has opened up so much for him, now, to research and investigate. I, personally, will be at his side to assist, whenever necessary. His rapid recovery went against all the doctors expectations, and will be an inspiration to all. Visit him when he returns and tell him that we in Spirit are so proud of him. He is an inspiration to all. It would be a much better world if you had more people like Rupert. Let us hope he has inspired people to become more aware of their spiritual lives.

It was lovely for me to see you dining with old friends. You must do this more often. They were all so kind and helpful to you. I was aware, my love, that when you went into the room where I first asked you to become my wife, so many memories came flooding back. I was ill. You looked after me. I knew I had to gently bring you around to the idea of becoming my wife. We were not aware, then, that we are twin souls and we were brought together for a higher purpose, to create a bond so great that we would continue to work together, irrespective of separation. Yes, darling, even death cannot break that bond of love and trust. You can become me. I can speak in my own voice through you, as I have already done. We will perfect that. In time, you will be able to film it. All that is necessary, is for you to go into trance, and I take over, and as you have no problem with that, because when you do this, you come to me, and that is all you have ever wanted. I hold you as I used to hold you, when we were physically together. The films show clearly what happens when you come to me in trance. Again, you see the power of love in action.

I look at your world. I see the GREED. So many driven by GREED. When I had my PIG FARM, even the PIGS were never driven by such GREED. Do they not realise that they miss out on so much. Money cannot buy you peace of mind and contentment. They cannot take it with them. I can assure you that you arrive in the world of Spirit without any of the trappings of life on Earth, and think about it — you will be in our world so much longer than in your earthly world. Look back on your life, it is but a moment in time. My advice is to think carefully about how you conduct your life on Earth. Remember that what you do unto others will surely be done unto you. That is for sure.

We continue to try to make changes in your world. We try to remove the corrupt and bring attention to the suffering of so many. The corrupt fight a hard battle. As yet, they fail to see their time has come to an end. They must accept responsibility for their actions and face the consequences. As the corrupt, charm and inspire with promises they know they have no intention of ever keeping once they are in office. Again, it is GREED that drives people to believe that life would be better with them. Will they ever learn? They have a choice. It may not be to their liking but it is far better, safer, more honourable. Their intentions are good. Please accept the responsibility of your decision. Remember, it does affect the whole world.

Please thank, on my behalf, all those who made last week so special and inspiring. Trust me, darling, there are some good people in your world. If only I had been aware of the dishonesty that surrounded me in my lifetime. One day, they will come face to face with me, as my own mother had to, to ask forgiveness for things that happened when I was young.

My own dear wife, who continues to make my dreams a reality, your love and devotion inspires many who read our letters each week. Soon, your world will see for itself what love can make possible.

Have a good week, darling. I am there for you always. Your own husband, Monty.