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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th April 2007

Veronica, my love, you certainly gained new insights into our work, this week. We need to push forward. Our connection is becoming more powerful. Through me, you will bring forward information to the world. The gateways are forming, so that this information can travel to you, as you have already given permission to Spirit to do this. Just be open and prepared.

You must find a co-writer for our book. You have more than enough to fill many books, but stick only to the most important facts. You were told by two people, this week, you are at a cross-roads in your life. We will bring forward ancient wisdom that needs to be restated. That is our roll in the book. The time has come to remove all blocks. Nothing must stand in our way. Remember, this is what you came on Earth to do — to work with me — both on Earth and with me in Spirit. The chemistry is even greater today, than when we were together on Earth. I belonged to your soul group. That is why, for the first time in my life, I was at peace, and belonged to a family who cared and respected me. That is why I can still visit you, and you come to visit Spirit. I am always by your side. We will together, complete the work.

Talk to Anthony about the film. As to the filmed materialisation — YES — all doors should be open for that to occur. He must be prepared to run with it. There is no one better to deal with that. We, in Spirit, think highly of him, as you do, my dear. The film will bring about great changes in your world. An understanding of how things were meant to be, and Man’s connection with the God Force. The scales will be removed from Man’s eyes. I want to come back and show Man how to change this world into a better place for all. Please assure him, it will all work out and be a very successful project, and he will enjoy being part of it.

You met another member of the team last week. It's all falling into place and the research will be Spirit led. We work directly with Robert. He must spend time on the S.C. project as well as the Black Box. There is no reason why they cannot jog along in parallel. Robert is used to wearing many hats at once. With our help, he will do it. Andrew has an understanding of Spirit and knows we are guiding everything. We do not intend to fail. You have watched us put all the pieces of the jigsaw together. Our team is not complete yet. We bring them in, when the timing is right.

Your friendship with Bronwen is blossoming beautifully, just as I had anticipated. She will be a great source of strength to you. Please thank her for me, for taking you to see that lovely healer. He will continue to help you. It was good for you to get sea air in your lungs.

The new medium you worked with, finds it strange to work with someone such as myself. I am more powerful than she is used to. She will get used to me, in time. As yet, she cannot get her head around our powerful connection, and the fact I intend to make visits to talk to the world and guide Man. She joked, “this is like Dr Frankenstein...” I assured her, not at all, not in any way, as I have not stopped being alive, it seems the logical thing to do. I can see the reactions of my old colleagues, and the fear of those who used and abused you. I will speak the truth about the afterlife, death, etc. Religions will no longer be able to create fear in people. It will not be looked on as "AGONY" ever again, and all the horror pictures painted by religions will have to go. I always tell you, my love, the truth will triumph in the end.

The collective energy of the people around you is truly beautiful. Spend more time with them, they will be there for you to support you, when all our plans come to fruition. Remember, my love, when you and I used to sit in the garden and discuss how we would communicate, and what we would like to do, when one of us passed over. I used to believe it would be you. I smile when I think how I used to instruct you on how to do it! I really believed you would go first. I was quite concerned and could not face the thought of life without you. Remember, Maeve came, and talked to us, and assured me that if you passed, she would look after me; and Simon and Marcia also, they truly regarded me as family. That meant a lot to me. I look out for them, now.

Go to see Robert, this week. He has the answer to your health problem. I have used others, also, to advise you strongly to go down the alternative route. It is the one that will work for you. Drug-based medicines will not work for you. Darling, we need you to be well. We have your best interests at heart. Try also to get some rest. Our work is proceeding as planned. In our time, of course. Our love will go on forever. I show you I am always with you. You and I will show the world what true love can achieve. Your adoring husband, Monty.