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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th March 2007

Please tell Robert and Wendy how pleased I was to be present at the birth of their son. He will be a source of great joy to them. I was there also, when they presented him to Robert’s parents, and to you, my dear, who were instrumental in bringing them together. It was lovely to observe. Seeing you holding the baby, made me wonder how different our lives would have been, had we met in our youth, and had children of our own — just dreams I indulge in, occasionally.

Rest, my love, there is so much ahead of you, and we need you to be prepared. Things are being held, so you have no excuse. Others will be shown what needs to be done. It's far too much for you on your own.

All the activity in our home delights you, but there are things that will go on around you, love, that you do not require the answers to. You are becoming more and more sensitive, and will pick up more as time goes on. You come over to our side of life and receive information we need you to have. We are as one, just like we were on Earth. Nothing can break that bond of love. Those who try to demean it, will be dealt with quite severely.

The person who did everything to destroy your credibility throughout the world of psychical research is now facing questions which he had hoped he had deflected. I promised you justice, and that is what you will get. There is a scandal being exposed and it will not go away. It is being added to, all the time. It is more than enough to see him replaced and exposed. The damage he has done is enormous. I know I trusted him in the past. You, my love, questioned him. There was always an excuse why he could never answer your questions. I should have listened to you. You certainly saw dishonesty clearly, both in my colleagues and my family. My work was all that mattered to me, and with you at my side, I believed I could achieve anything I set my heart on. And I am doing just that, now, from this side of life. I, Montague Keen, am making history, thanks to your love and devotion. I was truly blessed the day I met you.

There is a medium in America. He is not quite ready yet, but he soon will be a great trance medium. I look in on him, and look forward to working with him. I will bring you two together, when the time is right.

There is a lot of confusion going on, regarding our website, between those who listened to that person in the US, warning them about you, and those whose instinct tells them that the things he said were untrue. He did this to protect himself. He did succeed in doing you, and our work, a lot of damage. We all know people "go with the flow" and fail to investigate for themselves. You, my dear, come up a lot in conversations on both sides of the Atlantic. By June, he will be banished from this field forever. The trouble is, the scientists will not want to lose face, and admit they followed like lemmings, without question, a very convincing con man.

We will succeed in bringing peace to all. It will take a little time, but by the end of 2007, you will have had sufficient changes for the better. It will take some, longer than others, to accept, as they have never lived in peace. The fact is, there is more to life than the pursuit of money. They are even trying to write about me, thinking they will make money out of it. The fact is, that they resented me when I was alive, and caused me much pain and difficulty — one of them being the reason I had to have a second heart-bypass, because I had to defend him in the highest court in the land. The trauma was too much for me. Remember, THE TRUTH IS KNOWN TO ME, NOW, and I will speak on Earth, and be listened to. The dishonest will be exposed. Greater minds than I, decided that, and so be it.

We are forging a path of truth and honesty, and those who accept, will find fulfilment, because they will understand why we are here, and life will have more meaning for them. More and more people are drawn to you. They ask questions and you have the answers they need. Think what you could do on a greater scale. Knowing you are helping mankind under my guidance, and also that of the Network, will bring great joy to you. You are, and always will be, a giver, and you have so much to give.

I am pleading with you to rest and prepare. We have much to do. We are with you now on a physical level also. We will do so much in 2007. All is opening up to us. It excites us, too, and it is good to share it with you. Please take care of yourself, you are so precious to me. With you, I knew love beyond my wildest dreams, and that it continues beyond death. And when we are reunited, it truly will be forever. Your Monty.