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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th December 2009

Your Christmas, my dear, was everything I wished it to be for you. The food was excellent. Simon excelled himself. The gathering joyful and full of laughter. True family spirit, just as I used to enjoy when I was by your side.

You become more and more aware of the changes that have begun to happen. No, it is not your imagination that time is moving faster. We have speeded things up a bit. Questions are being asked. Explanations demanded as never before. Watch, my dear, as the corruption that has had a stranglehold on your world for so long is being revealed. Questions are being asked about institutions that in the past were sacrosanct. As their greed and lack of concern for what they call "the common man" — he who helps provide the wealth that they enjoy — is at last being exposed, and they say, enough is enough, we can no longer bow to your demands. We do not need you, as the world proceeds to its new phase of existence. Such people will no longer have a place. All will be equal as they are in the sight of the Great Creator. The changes are immense, my dear. I am leading you gently into a completely new way of living on the Earth plane. No longer will secret societies hold sway, total exposure is assured. You talked with P.G. He is an important part of this. His research has revealed quite a lot. He is in a position to bring so much to public attention. His work is an important part of the transition. He has a deep understanding at a soul level of what has to be done.

For too long, others controlled the destiny of the masses. It is time to be responsible, think for yourselves. They create FEAR. You have been controlled for so long. I tell you, it is time to regain your power. You are powerful spiritual beings. Believe in yourselves. Look clearly at the conditioning, the restraining dogmas that prevent each and every one of you from knowing who you are as spirit beings. You are invited to be part of a new reality. Free yourselves from the shackles of the prison that you have existed in for so long. If you could only see just how restricted and controlled you are by the evil forces who control you and your world, you would be horrified. It is cleverly done. You are not aware of it, as you are conditioned from birth to accept it. It is only when you return to Spirit that the full impact of it dawns on you. Then, you are shocked and dismayed that you were not aware of it when on the Earth plane. We intend to free you all of this control. It is time to know and accept that you are all spirit beings who happen to inhabit the Earth plane at this time. You — each of you — chose to be on Earth now, to be part of the team that exposes the corrupt and helps to create a better world for all. We in Spirit would never lie to you. Our purpose is to set you free, to enable you to go forward to an era where love rules and honesty prevails. This is your destiny.

Remember, I warned you of the campaign to create fear and panic. Do not fall for their lies, no matter how convincing they appear to be. Be on your guard. See through the lies. Expose them. Refuse to play their games. With open minds, there is so much to explore and enjoy. Become the free spirits that God intended. Give up the bondage of false religions. At all times, invite the Divine Light of Truth to guide your every thought and action. It will guide you out of the abyss.

I ask much of you, my love, I know that it will open your life up to so much more. I know that you will cope beautifully as always. All that you do, is out of love for me and your fellow man. We are born without labels. I refused to have one. It caused me many problems in my life on Earth. Their hate and control, they now use against you. I am so sorry, I did not foresee this. I was blind to the reality of the corruption and evil intent. Please forgive me. All will be put right. Truth always comes out.

As you progress to 2010, look forward with hope and love for all mankind. We are an example of the power of love. I tell you, my dear, in years to come, people will talk of the love we shared. How even death could not dim it. True love never ends, it is eternal.

Enjoy your time with your family. We have much to do, you and I. Bless you, my dear, your devotion to me is so special. I know that as a human being, I was truly loved. I am your adoring husband, Monty.