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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23rd September 2007

Sweetheart, you are trying to do so much. Please pause for breath. It is our Wedding Anniversary. We certainly took everyone by surprise: no one ever expected me to walk down the aisle again — they had written me off! We showed them. You are never too old to fall in love. Our love for each other has survived my passing, and just think how wonderful it will be, when you and I are reunited forever. You, my darling, devoted your whole life to me and my work, from the moment we met, and you continue to do so. There are so many, on my side of life, who look forward to meeting and working with you. You never fail to be amazed at the calibre of the people from my side, who come to talk with you and guide you. Our work is very important on both sides of life. You are learning more and more about me. You always suspected that I was someone very special, reincarnated, and that was why I did not fit in in some circles. With you, I was completely myself. I did not have to try to conform in any way. I thank you, my darling, for making my last years on Earth the happiest of "my life". You are still very much loved and appreciated. I show you that you are never alone. I am always at your side.

You were excitement, last week, when you received some very interesting and important emails. You discovered, this morning, that I told you on the 17th November 2006 that this would happen: even though it seemed highly unlikely at that time. As I say to you constantly, "Onward we go". Doors, my love, are opening all over the world. There is a new beginning on hand. Just go with it, my love, and know you are guided every step of the way. People will come forward to lend assistance. We will do it!

I plead with you to take rest. You encouraged me to do so every day at 3pm. Remember? I know your love for me drives you. We had our dreams. I can be of much more assistance from here. There are the twelve of us, plus lots of others, all working towards this, and they love to show themselves. They, too, are excited. Our two lovely ladies are taking this to the world. We could not have chosen better. Remember, we are excited, too. Our light shines through you to reach many, many people. So many ladies from this side of life have now introduced themselves and are supporting you. People are looking for the answer. We will provide it. You have been given all that is necessary.

Yes, my darling, I will be filmed speaking before the end of the year. I know you want this so much. You want to show others. It will happen. Be prepared — it will create a difficult time for you, dealing with it. Your world must change. It is on a downward spiral. There will be more disasters early next year, too. The thinking is all wrong. Greed abounds, rarely reaching out to others less fortunate. You have the answer to so much and you will speak out and people will listen. It's a question of opening minds and hearts. You are all fitting into the roles we chose for you. There are so many, out there in your world, who desperately need help, and all you need is the money. You have all that is required to change so many desperate situations, and we, on this side of life, send our blessings. You will succeed. Tell Anthony that we are with him every step of the way. We are guiding him. He will make his mark on the world in a very big way. Your meeting, next month, is most important. Tell him it is the start of something BIG.

Next week is important. Take note of everything, nothing will happen by chance. Be prepared. Bronwen is a splendid support and you will have much to laugh about, also. Enjoy and know that you are walking your path, and if you ever saw how many, on this side of life, walk alongside you, you would die laughing. I assure you both, you are not alone. You two lovely ladies know what is expected of you.

By the way, how lovely it was to see Ann, sit in my chair, as I had requested, and the three of you were able to communicate with me. I liked it. Please say thank you from me. You are all blending in together as hoped, and will work well together.

I love you, my dear wife. Know that I am beside you, always. We will forever be husband and wife. Your Monty.