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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st September 2008

Veronica, my dear, this week you have had to face misrepresentation of what has been shown to you and explained in several ways. Remember, people read into situations what they choose, and then attack you, for what they insist you said or portrayed. These are people who are not ready to deal with the TRUTH AS IT IS; not as they would like it to be. Sadly, this is one of the problems you will have to face. You did not expect it from this quarter. Remember when it was discussed at your last meeting. We did point out that this may be the case. The brutality of how it was expressed was so hurtful to you. You were tired and they set out to humiliate, endeavouring to control what you say and do. Does she not understand, it is I who decides what goes out into the public domain: not anyone else. Certainly not on the Earthplane. My heart went out to you. We do try to shield you from this sort of attack. Put it down to their ignorant refusal to see and accept the TRUTH.

You met an interesting lady on Thursday at the Banquet. She will endeavour to help in many, many ways. She is connected to several of the people who will assist us in bringing some of our programmes to fruition. The connection was good and will bear fruit. It was orchestrated by us, of course. We needed to make the connection. That delightful young lady with the beautiful energy you met: she is the reincarnation of M.G.Mc.B. You recognised her immediately. We will try to reconnect with her. Your energy and hers lit up the Banqueting Hall.

I gave you information, yesterday, about the future of our Foundation. Listen to it a few times. You have not fully taken it in, as yet. It is important that you fully understand all that is happening and are prepared. S.S. is a good man and will come into the fold. He is intrigued and excited by all that I have shown and shared with him. He will be there for you. He knows he was chosen.

We are excited about your plans for the 27th September. We will do our best. John [Mack] thanks you for acknowledging the 4th anniversary of his death. Please give his love to his family and to dear Trish. Tell her, he is looking forward to sharing all the research he has done since arriving on our side of life. Tell her we will work together again without the necessity of having to deal with difficult human beings!

Veronica, my love, you have had to cope with so much this week. We are so proud of you. Our work for Mankind, and the legacy of Montague and Veronica Keen, will live on and inspire many generations to come. You are tired and need to rest, so please be a good girl for me and relax and enjoy the sunshine. I am forever at your side. My love surrounds you. Your adoring husband, Monty.