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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 20th September 2009

Greetings, my dear, as we find ourselves approaching the final stages of 2009. Remember the information I gave you regarding the changes that will take place. You read with interest other people’s predictions of earthquakes, etc. Europe is facing a really big one soon. You know that the Earth is a living, breathing planet and the evil that is so prevalent on Earth is stifling it. So there must be a massive shake-up to remove this evil. Many thousands will die. You must not grieve for them as it is removing that which is destroying your planet and also removing those whose time on Earth has expired. There have, as you know, been major catastrophes in the past that have wiped out civilisations. You have been reading how human energy affects the breathing of the Earth. Greed is like a cancer, it destroys all connected to it. Corruption has got to be removed. Water cleanses and floods will cleanse away the greed and corruption. Re-seeding will take place. A more enlightened people will inhabit the Earth. Divisions will be removed. There will no longer be differences of race or creed. People from other planets will then be free to visit and will be welcomed, and the sharing of knowledge will benefit all. Never, ever mess up other people’s destinies. There is a price to pay that one would not wish to pay. I ask you all to pray for guidance that you may be led to enlightenment. Enlightened people coming together can free your world from the tyranny of corruption that is choking it. When people see the extent of the corruption they will rise up and protest. Information is kept from you. Education is dumbed down to control you. The Elite is ruthless in its attempt to rise to the top. They are psychopathic, they show no emotion. They will kill to maintain positions of power. They despise the weak and helpless. They practice eugenics in a bid to create Huxley's Brave New World. You have read of the Genome Project. Again, I remind you, nothing is as it seems. Open your eyes, ask questions — never take anything at face value.

Veronica, I guided you to the talk that John Dembitz gave at my cremation. I would like for you (under my guidance) to share some of the sentiments he expressed on that day. I do this to jog his memory.

Monty gave. He gave unconditionally to all around him.
He gave without expecting anything in return.
He gave unselfishly, unreservedly.
He gave love, he gave laughter . . .  and he gave financially.

Others have already spoken of Monty and his intellect. His intellectual pursuits. The passionate pursuer of the unknown from Crop Circles to the Paranormal. I want to talk about Monty, the giver of Love and Laughter. (Birthdays, etc were listed.)

Monty entertained with warmth, abundance, and overwhelming generosity. Nothing ever being too much. He was a wonderful host. His love of music and passion for Conducting.

He gave both love and laughter to us, the recipients, and enriched our lives. His passion gave him focus and energy, and insight into the opaque and unknown. Love and laughter filled his life; a legacy he leaves to his loving wife, Veronica, his sister Helen, his family, and everyone who has been touched by his magic. And wherever he is, he will want us all to continue with this legacy and help enrich each other’s lives with music, with laughter and with unconditional love."

Fine words, John. Where is the evidence of this, or were they just empty words. Yes, I gave to all of you. I was always there for you. I believed you and trusted you. You have set out to destroy my legacy to the world. You did not really know me at all. What have you given to life, because I lived life on a very deep level. I needed to let go and to enjoy sharing the laughter of others. Every human being needs laughter. I needed honesty and honourable commitment to my wishes. You made promises to me. You insisted on advising me on financial matters, investments, insurances, etc. Why did you want to control this? I will return and speak, not just to the world, but also to those who need to be spoken to.

Sorry, my love, this was painful for you, but it was necessary. No matter what you do, or give, some people will always want more. Greed and jealousy rule their lives. The information I gave, last evening, has given you food for thought. It certainly surprised you. It can be used if the circumstances demand it. Those who hide behind false exteriors of respectability can be exposed. Nothing is hidden from us.

People are coming into your life who will work with you on our projects. The honest will survive, so it is important for honest people to go forward together, to prepare for the changes that will occur. I apologise to you, my love, for leaving you to cope with the greed and dishonesty, I failed to see that it surrounded me. I was blinded by their fine words and assurances of honesty and support. How foolish!

So much information is flowing through to you. It is a big responsibility. I know you will not fail me. You, Veronica, will forever be true to me and our work.

Forward we go, together in love and harmony. I am always your adoring husband, Monty.