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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th September 2006

My love for you goes on. Never forget that. We will succeed. It will take patience, on occasions, but never doubt our commitment to the Foundation and our work. You will be given the strength to achieve everything we hoped for. You must be strong and do not allow any caustic remarks or challenges to deter you. Believe in yourself. It’s such a difficult time for you, trying to deal with our Foundation and my Will, all at the same time. You will get help. Yes, there are some honest people around and I try to bring them to you.

Your health is not good and life has become a battle on that front also. I'm sure Robert will do his best to help us deal with that — it is possible you will go to Ireland. Timing is crucial. We, in the Spirit World, will decide on that, not you, my love. Trust us! That will be of the utmost importance in opening doors that otherwise would be closed to you. Just be ready to go, and Robert and Anthony will accompany you and be very impressive. The world will sit up and take notice.

Eileen is fading but is still frightened to let go. We, in Spirit, await her arrival. Your mother, in particular, will be there to greet her. Your whole family are right there to support her and you in your work. They are so proud of you, and your sister says, "Go for it. You can do it !" She is quite determined when she makes her mind up.

Your desire to set up a circle again has been noted, and we are looking for some suitable people to bring forward. I feel it would be good for you. Then you would not feel so isolated and alone. Remember, I miss you, too. We had something so special. Of course, we will miss it — but we did have it, and we should remember all those wonderful times we had and be grateful.

ME will help you, and have as many treatments as is possible, and Robert will know what to do, also.

I am aware that it’s our wedding anniversary next week. I know it will hurt. Try to be with your family, and know I am there also, as I try to show you as often as possible. Our love will never die. It is eternal. We were as one soul.

[Family information omitted]

America will take you to its heart as will Ireland, and they will support you financially. They are ready for it. It is time to reach out to them. England, sadly, would prefer to believe that you should get all you can out of life and then you die — that’s it, nothing!

They will take time to come on board. But fear not. They will, in time. You will charm them into listening to you.

Your children will support you, more and more, as things develop. They see clearly what our objectives are — they are not there yet. Yes, Simon will work with you — it will take patience to start with, until he understands what needs to be done.

Marcia did well with a little help from myself. But she worked so hard to achieve this, against all odds, and Ciara is delightful and clever. She will go far.

We need to be ready to do the books. I know that right now, you can't see that happening, but the books are so important, in order to place everything on record for prosperity. It is history in the making.

The film has taken longer — K had to be moved out of the picture. Money and greed got in the way. But do not despair. We, in the Spirit World, are looking for someone who will do it justice. It has got to be handled very sensitively. When money gets into the equation, people stray, and so are moved on. NF will be dumbstruck with what you have sent him and will call you and discuss it. We hope he will decide to help you. He is quite powerful, and I feel you, two, would get on well.

We are trying to place a wall of protection around you and only bring forward honest people with whom to work on our projects. We will succeed. Just remember, with you down there, and me up here, we make a great team. We are bound together in love and truth. When we speak, the arguments will cease, and they will listen. Trust me on this, it has been planned in this way. Suddenly, all the obstacles will just disappear, and people will look on each other with love, not difference. Not colour, nor creed.

We are proud of the work you are doing to bring this about. You do not realise how much you have achieved already. We will guide you. I must go now, but please believe me when I say that I am always beside you, and when you sleep, we sometimes dance together. Ah, memories. I love you.