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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 16th September 2007

You have pushed yourself to the limit again this week, my love. I plead with you to rest occasionally. You want so much to help others that you forget yourself and your needs.

We watched how you reached out to that delightful girl who came to see you on Monday. She will become an example to those who suffer severe injuries. We in Spirit will give assistance in every way we can to improve her situation. The course of action discussed is the right one and should be followed to the letter. This is a very important step for her to take. She is fortunate that she is blessed with a father who devotes his life to finding a solution to the problem she faces. She was guided to you, otherwise how on earth could they ever have found you.

Remember some weeks ago, when I asked you to arrange to see some sacred books. You asked, "Where will I see them?" You did not have to wait long before information came to you that the British Library was, for the first time ever, showing the ancient bibles; the New Testament, the Qur'an; the Dead Sea Scrolls; the Torah; the Gospels, and so many more. A visit was arranged. You, Ann, and Veronica H, went together. The skill with which those books were produced and preserved from as far back as the 4th century, filled you with awe. You felt privileged to be able to look at such beautiful and very powerful books. You also saw a very unusual book, similar to one I showed to you. Yes, it was huge, and the massive leather cover could be locked. You searched the exhibition until you saw it. Yes, darling, I needed you to see it. As you tried to get to sleep that night, you saw all those books rushing towards your head and entering. It was all happening so fast, you will in time understand why we did this. We use this time, whenever possible, to work with you.

Doors open and invitations arrive. You and Bronwen are excited as it happens. Trust us to open all the right doors. All you two ladies have to do is to walk elegantly through them. We will be on hand to guide you. You will meet the right people who are in a position to take our work forward. Anthony will play a big part in this, he is being guided in this matter. Have patience, my love, he has much on his mind right now. He will bring forward the right people to facilitate the work you want to do with the children in orphanages. You promised Mr Teresa you would do this. You have in your circle a lady who would love to have a hands-on roll in this, and as you know, Veronica H is well qualified for this. You see, my dear, we do bring the right people forward. This project must start with the children.

The other project will show the world that we, in Spirit, have Man’s best interests at heart. The scientific research will act as a guide to all countries which wish to take medicine into the 21st century. No longer will countries struggle to pay the medical costs of looking after their people. The fact that you have perfected the use of people’s own stem cells is the biggest step forward ever taken in medicine. The world is ready for this, and we ensure its success. It must go forward, the time is right.

Your ideas on the G.W. project are good. Yes, that is the way forward. There are very, very powerful and important people on this side of life, working with you on this. I know you do not wish me to name them here. They do understand. Both men and women will come to our aid. It will succeed. Have faith in us. We want all our projects to succeed too, my darling.

When you sit with your circle, you produce powerful energy and light. Your world needs this. Though it is hard work for you, it is good for you. It brings healing that you then send to people in need. You, my love, always loved to talk with Spirit. You never dreamed that, one day, it would be me in Spirit, talking with you. You will go from strength to strength. People will listen, changes will happen, and it is all for the good of Mankind. You and I, my darling, go forward in love and trust. Always together, your Monty.