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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th September 2008

Yet another lady has come into the fold. Please thank Bronwen for having the foresight to arrange a coming together of like-minded people, so she could see the full picture. This is the calibre of person we welcome. She understands our purpose and is happy to be part of it. She fitted in beautifully, the connection was excellent. JC has had an understanding of Spirit since childhood. It did not come from books or study, it is naturally there and accepted. Good things will come from this gathering. I too, enjoy these gatherings. I would not miss them for anything. You know me, my love, and how I liked to get involved myself, but also to listen to the opinions of others.

We are drawing your attention to so much now, as it is important for all of you to fully understand what is going on in your world. Forewarned is forearmed. Nothing, as you know, happens by chance, and if we guide you to read or watch on TV, certain individuals, then accept that we have reason to do so. Remember what Sir arthur Conan Doyle told you when he spoke to you, "Do not dispute what you see". Accept that we show you for a reason. He loved giving you advice, he is so good to work with. We, too, have several groups. I am one of the twelve whom you have met. Last week, Arthur and I inspired you to call NJI. We were aware he was reading about the great work of Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They wanted him to know that Arthur has spoken to you several times and that you have their work from 1832. Though you wondered why you had to call someone halfway around the world to tell him that, to your surprise, he told you he had just been reading their work. We do not miss much in this dimension. We are aware of everything happening everywhere. Nothing is hidden from us.

The dishonest and their collaborators may make plans to control all that they wish to control. They forget there are those greater than them who control the Universe and they cannot be bought. What arrogance drives them forward to believe they can control the destiny of others. Remember, "Man proposes, God disposes". Trust me, a rude awakening awaits these people. I would prefer to deal with my pigs than such people. I knew where I stood with my pigs. Pigs do not deserve the reputation they have. It’s like everything, if you treat them well, they respect you — more than can be said for humans!

I am grateful to Robert for being there for you. We have plans that will please him, he so deserves all we will do. We are trying to bring together some honest people to take our CO2 project forward. The moment they have dishonest intent we scupper their plans. We will not allow it to go down the dishonest road. This is the only reason it is taking so long. Every country in your world will benefit and so it has got to be done honestly. Sadly, the dishonest do not see themselves as EVIL, for that is what they indeed are. I was surrounded by dishonesty myself, but was so wrapped up in my research, I never opened my eyes to it. One day they will answer for it and not just to me.

We ask so much of you, my darling, and you give willingly. Sometimes you push yourself too far. Please take time for yourself. Relax and enjoy your life. Everything you do, you do for me — your other half — as I see the bigger picture and guide you. One day we will share our love with mankind and they will understand why you and I were chosen to bring about the changes that have to happen for Mankind to continue. Fear not, our love will bring about the awakening.

Peter W's devotion to you and our work is greatly appreciated. We guide and inspire him and we thank him for the effort he puts into it. It is good for you to be able to bounce ideas and to pass on information to him and discuss the results. You need this.

I do not wish to influence the decisions you need to make soon. They must be yours entirely. You know how you feel and what you feel you could cope with. I am here for you at all times. You become me and I become you when necessary. Not many could understand this. Peter has talked with you about this. Whatever your decision is, it must be the right one for you, my love. Give it some serious thought.

You have much to do. I am very proud of you. No man has ever had such devotion. I thank you. Forward we go together in love and harmony. Your devoted husband, Monty.