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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th September 2009

Your work, Veronica, is guiding more people to the Light. It is opening their minds to the concept of the continuity of life. We in Spirit are truly grateful for your unstinting devotion to our work. There are those, who, when they see that you are succeeding, will come forward with fine words and offers of help. They will hide their true agenda. Be on your guard at all times! Remember, the greedy will always want to jump on the bandwagon, no matter where it is heading. You have around you, people who will try to protect you from this. Even those who did not believe in my work or my philosophies will try to be part of it. As we go forward in the Light, there are those whose motives are evil, who never respected either me or my work, whose driving motive is to steal from me. They will go to any lengths to do this. That such corrupt people were known to me in my life on Earth saddens me a great deal. My dear, they will be exposed. I will ensure that the truth will be faced. We have our plans. You have not long to wait now. I will disown these people publicly. They will have nowhere to hide. They think they have covered their tracks. Do they not understand that WE SEE ALL, nothing can be hidden from us. Veronica, when you and I came together, we felt we could conquer the world. We went from success to success. Your belief in me drove me forward and my work flourished. Now, with me on this side of life, and you on Earth, we proceed with our greatest work. You have been given a timeframe. We will endeavour to keep to it. The world is ready to take it on board. The timing is right. Hand in hand, my love, we go forward.

There are those on the Earthplane who pretended to care for me, who are using the power of the Spirit in an EVIL manner against you. It is almost satanic. You must stand for truth. The cause and the work are stronger than they are.

My love, I was there when the voice of truth was silenced in ancient times. I was there when the love of creation was abandoned. I was there with those who walked the desert to find a place where Spirit could reside. I was there when countless souls were annihilated for speaking the truth. I was there when the progress of knowledge through the written word was crushed and sent to the furnaces. I was there when a man sent by God sought only to speak the truth in Spirit and mankind crucified him. I was there when the call of Spirit was silenced. But, my dear, so were you. So were you.

You, my love, have good and honest people around you, who care for you and support you, and you were blessed with a lovely family that I was privileged to be part of. They loved and respected me without question. Having had an emotionally disturbing and physically abusive childhood, nevertheless, I learned to see the Light in everyone. The "Protection of the family" can also be a most destructive tool. In biblical terms, they see you as a Gentile and not as the woman I loved, who made my life complete and happy beyond my wildest dreams. Even while I was still on the Earthplane, they were plotting your destruction. Their HATRED runs deep.

Prepare, Veronica my dear, prepare for our next steps that will change the lives of so many and bring Light and Truth back to a world so evil and corrupt. We cannot stand by and see planet Earth destroyed by those whose only motive is power and greed and the control of Man. They prevent Man from thinking for himself. They feed him rubbish on TV and in newspapers, to lull him into a false sense of security and prevent him from looking at what is actually happening on Earth. Yes, I know I go on about this a lot, but people need to take it on board and take responsibility for their lives. The LIES that people accept as truth give you an idea of just how controlled they are. That people who appear to be intelligent are so blinded by the lies, gives cause for concern. Together, we will address this problem.

We have much to do, you and I. I am, and always will be, your adoring husband, Monty.