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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th July 2006

It is so good to be able to work directly with my dear wife. She has worked so hard on my behalf and I am sad to say it will become harder as time goes on, and the world realises just what she has been doing in my name. We will, of course, try to protect her as best we can. The Dark Side has become so powerful — you have only to look at what’s going on in the world right now to see it. The destruction of the world is going on right in front of our eyes and we are not seeing to it. Wake up! There is no excuse for all the bombings, etc. It never gains you anything. Look at the British Empire and Hitler's 3rd Reich — where are they now?

We must set out to help each other.

3pm: In my hurry to talk with you, I started before my allotted time. You know me, always in a hurry!

I know that ASJ will help you, as it is his dearest wish to be of service to the world — Africa in particular. He is an honourable man, honest to the core. Very rare in your world today. That's why I brought him back into your life. We all knew each other in past lives, that’s why he trusts you now. He and Robert must meet soon for the plan to succeed, and succeed it will.

When people set their minds to helping our less fortunate beings, then it can be done, providing we avoid the dishonest pitfalls. We will guide the way — the timing is right. The cost of this will be offset by the profit of another project, so don't worry about the money. It will be found. ASJ must be part of the deal with K. He is the brains and K only sees profit. Helping the world is secondary to him. Money is his god. Robert must be made aware of this.

The film will bring in a lot of money and it will be used wisely, we will see to that. The world is ready for it. It should be easy enough to make, quite straight forward.

[Family information omitted]