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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th September 2007

My dear Veronica, my good and faithful wife, to whom we have given such great responsibility. There are great and important plans for the future. Some you know, and others that have not been revealed to you as yet. Your work as a lightworker is to help calm things down when things happen. As you know, there will be an earthquake. Then, later, a tidal wave and a huge explosion. These will happen around the world. You must remember at all times that this is happening for our highest and greater good. This has to occur to quell the evil-doers, and there are many in all walks of life. This will begin shortly. People who were trusted by many souls will be found out for being frauds; those especially, who profess to be experts in our work. They will be brought to task. They will be named and shamed. This has got to happen. Those, also, who disregarded my last Will and Testament, and went completely against my expressed wishes. Those who promised me that they would look after you, should I pass to Spirit, will have to face, publicly, the disgrace of being exposed for the dishonest people that they are. Justice, my dear, will be done. Fear not, I will see to that. They stupidly thought, "Monty is dead. He can't do anything about it now".

There will be much suffering in the African countries. A shortage of food and water and so much hardship. Lots of love and light need to be sent to those living in poverty. Our Plan is for everyone to have plenty. This wonderful circle you have created in our home is full of love and light and is very powerful. The light you exude is what will positively benefit the world. It will create calm and love in a dire situation. It is a very powerful group. Though there is still much to learn, you are, my love, as in kindergarten. You have such a wonderful Spirit. You are much loved and respected on Earth, as well as on our side of life. You must just allow things to happen, having confidence that we will do it right. But always remember, the work we do will have repercussions around the world and we want this work to carry on. So have no fears. The doors are opening and all you have to do, is walk through them. You will be received with much respect. So worry not. We know this is very exciting for you, but believe me when I say, we are far more excited than you could possibly imagine on our side of life. This is such an explosive situation for the good of mankind. Things have yet to be put in place. We will do it when the timing is right. Try not to block the energies with too much enthusiasm. You give so much of your life and time to us. You also need to enjoy your own life, too. There must be balance.

Enjoy being with your family and friends, because when things happen, you will be needed. We have much for you to do. You will be entrusted with very important information, never before given to Man. Just remember, it is all for the good of humanity. Everything is being put in place as we write. As doors open, follow every lead and always take notes. As things are shown to you, work with what is given. Just allow it all to happen. The wheels are in motion. You will have a year of this. It will be exhausting but fun. It's such a big picture. Many do not have this knowledge. OUR HOME IS A SANCTUARY. It has always been filled with Spirit, and so the dishonest will not be tolerated there.

I need you also to try to remember all the information given to you in dreams. Try to keep a record of it. One thing will come to fruition soon. I know you are upset that I erased the memories of your many visits to our side of life. Trust me, it had to be done. You must concentrate on our work. We give you information only when it is necessary to do so.

We are on our way, so to speak. Your instincts are good, and so, guide you. Very exciting times are just around the corner. Never under-estimate the power of our love for each other. You are a beacon of light in a world that has been dominated by greed, dishonesty and corruption of every sort. It is now time for change.

You have a very busy and important week ahead of you. Enjoy everything as it comes. I promised you that September would be exciting, and it is. Try to rest. You will need all your energy for the work. So many are working on this with us. They like showing themselves and talking with you. I could not do this without their help and support. You accept us all in our home, just like we used to when I was there with you. We were so happy there. It really was our sanctuary. Enjoy all the surprises we have for you. You are truly loved and always will be. Your Monty.