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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th September 2008

We, on this side of life, greet you, my darling. I have been able to share so much with you recently and it is good to do so. Veronica, I took you back, so you could relive that wondrous moment when you and I recognised each other. At the time, we did not understand that the reason that there was no going back was that greater minds than ours had decided it was time that we began the work which we came on Earth to do. I had been coming to your dinner parties to discuss the paranormal and to learn about Alternative Medicine. I asked in advance if, on this occasion, I could stay with you. You agreed: you happily gave up your bedroom. You intended using the guest room. As I lay in your bed and wondered why I needed to be there, I heard you moving about in the kitchen. I called to you to arrange an early morning call. We started talking and we talked well into the night — you standing there, and I, not wanting you to go. I asked you to rest on the bed with me. I promised not to touch you. You knew I was an honourable man and so you trusted me and agreed. We were both frightened by the intensity of the moment, yet deep down we knew there was no going back. From that moment on, you gave me unremitting support, belief and trust, and above all, love. A love that I basked in for the rest of my life on Earth. And on this side of life, I continue to do so. It was not my intention to bring tears as you relived that wondrous night on which we found each other. I wanted to remind you how beautiful it was.

Please thank our friends for coming to visit and to discuss our Foundation. The energy was lovely to witness. C needed to see for herself, as she would say. She needed to make her mind up and to experience the energy in our home. She blended in beautifully. This is the first of many visits. She was able to confirm much of what you already knew. Remember, darling, when I used to say, "That's evidence, dear." You have taken on my mantle. You become more like me every day. Try to slow down a bit. Yes, dear, the problem is that we both enjoy the challenge of it all. I know how much you enjoy bringing people together to talk about our purpose, and how we intend to make the changes that are required. It is what you have done for many years — long before you and I came together. It's what you are good at, and we both loved the discussions over dinner with our friends.

More and more people are coming forward asking to meet you, to talk about our work. This is what we in Spirit bring about, to advance our work. We choose carefully those we intend to include in our inner circle. Like me, you enjoy sharing our path with those we can trust. It is so good to be able to actually show you so much. Yes, I suppose it is like watching TV.

Now I did warn you that disasters would occur. Yes, it is upsetting to see people suffer. It is all part of the change that is inevitable. It's part of the cleansing that is necessary. People must learn that they do not control anything. In disasters, people come together. Their minds turn to God. How sad that it takes such things to open their minds to their vulnerability. The world has to be cleansed. The greedy and corrupt have infiltrated every layer of society. They spread like cancer, taking control where ever they can, persuading the weak-minded to follow them. They are revered by some and held up as examples on how to get rich quick, irrespective of how many they walk on, to get to the top. I would like to remind them, that those they walk all over on the way up, they may need on the way down. Justice is about to be visited upon them.

Through hardship, people will once more reach out to each other. The Good will come through. The False will fall by the wayside. Riches alone will not save them. The recession that I warned of, is now hitting many people hard, but governments still try to hold on to so much that could be released to assist the needy. They are abusing the power invested in them. They have no real sense of value and they fail to act responsibly.

Your eyes were opened to something you will have to deal with. It is evil in its truest sense. We did show you, but because your mind finds it difficult to think on those lines, it was unexpected. It will not succeed. Truth always triumphs over evil.

My darling wife, whose love for me knows no bounds, and who continues to enjoy the love that I surround you with: enjoy the week ahead. Good things are on the way. I remain your devoted husband, Monty.