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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 6th September 2009

It is becoming more and more evident to you, my dear, just what a corrupt world you are living in. Things are opening up and questions are being asked. The architects of the corruption are being exposed, their plans questioned. People you are expected to revere are being exposed as truly EVIL. That EVIL exists is a fact. It is thriving in your world and must be exposed. Look not at their position or wealth. Look at the person and their evil intent and refuse to be part of their plans. Again I say, it is time to say, Not in my Name.

The political leaders have lost their way and are going down the slippery slope and are trying to take mankind with them into slavery, and all for capital gain. Your lives on Earth are but a moment in time. Eternity — well, just ponder on that word for a moment. This is what you are preparing for. The level you will achieve on this side of life is what should be important to you. You are on Earth only to learn. There are many societies on the Dark Side. They recruit students. They make it seem like a good career move to become inducted. The students are drawn into these societies without fully understanding the full implications. They see it as becoming one of the boys and being part of the ‘in’ crowd. The Dark Ones see ordinary people as common fodder, and so they see the sacrifice of young lives as unimportant in the scheme of things. War is a profitable business. As was said recently, "We need a new Pearl Harbor". Look at those who profit from war and as an added bonus, it helps towards decreasing the population. Two birds killed with one, very profitable, stone!

There is no desire for peace — there is no profit in it. Constantly they look for NEW ENEMIES. It is so easy to demonise other countries or even Outer Space. Make people afraid of people from other planets who are coming to visit. Well, they have been visiting Earth for a long time and will continue to do so. There is proof of this. So all this talk of an Alien Invasion is just another ploy to create fear and so control the masses. Do not fall for it. Awaken to the ‘con’. Work together to bring the truth forward.

The depleted uranium used in war causes cancer. This is why so many are suffering from cancer in your world. Who is poisoning the population? Bombs and bullets are not the answer, they only serve to make money for the producers of such weapons. Regain your rights. Remember — they are your rights.

There are those on both sides of life who want to isolate you and to prevent people from being involved in our work. What you experienced last week, opened your eyes to the devious methods used. Be aware, my dear, and protect yourself. Those who think you are a ‘push-over’ obviously do not know my wife!

You will continue to meet enlightened people. All is coming together as planned. Your strength is in numbers and the sharing of knowledge. Come together in peace and harmony to bring enlightenment to those less fortunate than yourselves. It is time to speak out. Change is on the way. Be part of it. Embrace it. Life on Earth will be better for all Mankind. This will be our legacy.

As promised, you met someone, last week, who opened your eyes as to how cruel and evil certain people are, irrespective of whether it is to one of their own or not. Evil is in the genes and is passed down from generation to generation. Like a cancer, it must be removed. Unfortunately, I was oblivious to it. I was too wrapped up in my work to look critically at those around me, and see that they were not to be trusted.

Our time is coming, my love. Those who preach about the other side have no idea what they are talking about. All religions got it wrong for their own corrupt purposes. We, on this side of life, have a few surprises in store for them. Truth must be faced, the lies revealed. The truth regarding the origin of Man will be revealed and the ‘cons’ exposed for all to see. All the people of the world will live in peace, with justice for all. This will be achieved. Trust me.

I love to show you that I am there with you. I will never leave you. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.