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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd September 2007

Yes, my darling, it's September at last! I watched you look at your calendar and note it was the 1st September, and you said out loud, "Monty, it is the 1st September. What have you got in store for me?" You went to the study to look at your emails and you were SPEECHLESS! There was information there that you could never ever have dreamed of, and yes, I observed your gratitude and delight. You were on such a high that I worried about your blood-pressure. Sweetheart, I do keep my promises.

Mark took you all by surprise. But remember, I guided him to you. He is an honest and sincere young man and his interest in me and our work is genuine. Only Albert saw the potential help he would be to you, when he told you Mark would work alongside you, opening doors, advancing projects, etc. You had no idea what he was referring to. Well, my dear, Spirit works in mysterious ways, and when the timing is right, we expose that which is possible, and yes, it is possible, and you will find it exciting as well as rewarding. A big thank you to him from Spirit.

It surprises you when you hear of people who say they read our website and see only what they wish to see, because they refuse to accept that which does not fit in with their lifestyle, etc. You stated many times that you do not put our scientific projects on the website for obvious reasons. They refer to the 22nd February and say nothing happened. Well, we know different, and you wrote a little about it and they failed completely to grasp it. As you know, we had to remove several layers between the Spirit World and the Earth, and the final one was removed on the 22nd February. Consequently, the Spirit World has never been closer to Earth, ever, in the history of Man. We gave you so much evidence of this on that day. We are working within planet Earth and helping people to see what needs to be done. You will see the evidence of this as the world changes for the better. The dishonest are losing ground and being silenced. This has to happen first, then the honest will take courage and move forward, and find their voices and proceed to change the thinking that has brought death and destruction to so much of your world. As they used to say, "Rome was not built in a day". It takes time, but one thing is for sure — it will happen. There are twelve of us in the Network and they all showed themselves to you, though you did not recognise most of them. You have all the recordings of me telling you of our Network. The fact that three of them chose to reveal themselves to two mediums and talk to you, has caused some people to ridicule you. Well, let's see how they cope when it all happens with people present who are not involved in any way at all with the Montague Keen Foundation. There will always be sceptics and I know it does not concern you in the slightest. You and I saw so much of this in the years we spent together. We do not tell anyone to accept what we say. We only state the TRUTH, though at times it may take courage to expose ourselves to such people. The world contains so many different views of what the TRUTH actually is.

We are bringing all the right people around you now, so life should become less stressful. Your health is improving. Please thank all those who have contributed to this. Tell them your husband is grateful to them.

Suddenly the future looks exciting and good, and the right people will be there to ensure our projects come to fruition. I was with you at lunch on Friday at the Reform Club [Pall Mall]. I could not resist a visit to that august building. A great honour indeed for you, my love: a club that has witnessed so many changes in the country I called home for my last incarnation.

Onward we go, my love. Exciting times await you. We will guide your every step. Good people are supporting you. I almost wish I was there, but I can achieve so much more from this side. Take care of yourself. We do not ask you to do anything that might cause you a problem. We have every faith in you.

You will always be my Veronica, the lady I was so proud to call my wife. My love and gratitude always, your Monty.