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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th September 2008

Veronica, my love, there are no words to express just how proud of you we are, here in Spirit. You made me happier, when on the Earthplane, than I ever expected to be. You now continue to show your love for me, and to share with the world our commitment to each other, and what true love can achieve. In those interviews, you opened your heart and shared our hopes and plans for the future of our Foundation. It will all come to pass as we have laid down. The timing of which, we have already discussed. Our following increases day by day. So many want to be involved: they just worry that they will be left out of the great changes that are prophetic. You chose carefully with my guidance. Only the right people will be welcome to join us. I, who see all, will decide who and when. The "great egos" need not apply; we do not intend to accommodate them. Only the truly spiritual need come forward. It took courage to open your heart in such a public way. You were amazed when you were shown the viewing figures. Yes, darling, many countries tune in to YouTube and New Realities TV etc.

The 23rd September is our Wedding Anniversary. As you sat in that beautiful hotel, The Carlyle, in New York, I ensured that your meal was very special. You were aware of my hand on your shoulder as you discussed our work and plans with the Princess. You made a very special link there. Again, at the Banquet at the United Nations, we ensured you met some very interesting people, as well, of course, as the Princess. SJ always wants to help everyone, and takes on far too much. She also introduced you to many interesting people, who, when things happen, will want to make contact with you again. It's almost too much to take in. What we are doing is certainly beyond the norm. Beware at all times of those whose only wish is to get on the bandwagon. They will try all means possible to do so.

What beautiful views from Alison's window. Just watching the river gently flow by, and the boats, is very therapeutic. I shared it with you. Thank her for sharing it with us. I make you aware of my presence at all times, and guide you when necessary. Always remember, TRUTH CANNOT BE ALTERED FOR ANY MAN.

John [MACK] wishes to thank you for arranging that special gathering last evening, the 4th anniversary of his passing. All those beautiful souls in our home. It was so special. That the Medium was unable to make the relevant contact, was not down to you. You accepted him on recommendation, and were disappointed when he did not live up to expectations. Put it down to experience. Check them thoroughly, first. What one person thinks is good, is not necessarily up to the standard we require. You went with your gut instinct and asked about John, first. Thus, he assumed that John was my name, and proceeded to give so-called "information from me". That was quite clever, my dear. You were checking him out. Your were shocked when you asked about Monty. He thought I was an animal! This was a hard lesson, and you had put so much into making the evening a success, even though you had only just returned from New York and were still jet-lagged. We wanted to come through to you, but alas, you were too exhausted. There will be many more occasions when things will work out, just as you expect. This, my love, is only the beginning. It is a learning curve.

I am grateful to Brian for looking after our home while you were in New York. Several times, I looked in on the jollyment. It was good to hear the laughter and jokes when Dawn and Martin joined him. It was wonderful of them to welcome you home as they did. It was good to bring them together with our people. Dawn and Peter needed to talk, and they both needed to make contact with Rupert. All those lovely ladies, together creating beautiful energy that we were happy to share. They have chosen to walk the path of enlightenment.

The talk that you and Simeon gave in New York was inspiring to many. You make a good team. You compliment each other: each of you sharing your experiences of working with me and our Foundation. The information he gave to you privately is important and to be considered carefully. Though you took some knocks, on the whole, you met old friends and spent valuable time with them. Your visit was a triumph. Look only on the successes.

Please darling, you need to rest. Know that your husband is so proud of you, and sends so much love to you. Always, your Monty.