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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th September 2009

What an absolutely lovely day we all had yesterday at S H. We, in Spirit, ensured that each of you would take home very special memories of your experiences. The powerful energy that is there, is the result of Spirit’s presence there for many hundreds of years. It is a place controlled by Spirit: they alone decide who is welcome to visit. People never want to leave the Good Energy. They are drawn to it: their souls bathe in it and become cleansed. I always loved going there with you. It is unspoilt by the corruption of your world. There, you learn the real meaning of peace and tranquility. Spirit happily communes with all of you, sharing knowledge and advice and giving warnings, so that one is prepared when evil strikes.

Veronica, your friends have always meant a great deal to you. That they accepted, loved and respected me, was paramount to you. You wanted everyone to see me as you saw me. Now you understand that not everyone was at the same level, where they could be aware of the different levels of spirituality of life on Earth. I, too, had difficulty dealing with the lower levels of life. There was no common ground. That is why I needed to flee London, to be on the farm, away from the critical eyes that were always ready to tell me that I should be more worldly, and make money, etc. That I could walk in the fields and commune with Nature, and so have a greater understanding of the Universe, was lost on them. As you said, many times to me, my love, "Monty, you are in this world but you are not of this World."

I had many lessons to learn before I met you. Then, for the first time in my life, I could truly be me without having to explain or apologise to anyone. You gave me permission to be me. Until I met you, life had been difficult. I wanted to show you, so I guided you to letters that were written by both me and my first wife's father, who did everything possible to prevent me from marrying his daughter. He saw me as undesirable, because of who I was. You were shocked and upset at the contents, but he wanted someone with a similar religious background. Those were difficult times for someone like me, and certainly created great problems in my life. My assurances that I had rejected all religions, fell on deaf ears. Veronica, I need you to understand how my life was lived. It was as though I was never as people wanted me to be. Not one person accepted me as I was, until I met you, and as you fully understood, I could only be me. I want the world to know the real me: the pain, the problems, the constant struggle to survive and complete my life's work. Now, my dear, this task falls to you, and they are endeavouring to destroy you, too.

Life has got to be lived honestly and openly, always striving to create a better world for all human beings. Always reach out to those less fortunate than yourselves. This is something I loved about you. You were always there to give a helping hand to the less fortunate. The VAIN and PRETENTIOUS had no place in your world. You preferred what you called REAL PEOPLE. Today, I wanted you to remember how much you meant to me, and continue to mean to me.

As it is the 27th September, your thoughts have gone out to our dear friend, Prof John Mack [Harvard]. Five years ago, today, he was killed as he returned to our home. My poor dear, you had to deal with a second sudden death, so soon after my own. It was so painful for you. John was grateful to you for all that you did for his family at that difficult time. John was needed here, to be part of our project. He had completed his work on the Earthplane. His research will live on forever. He will guide those who follow in his footsteps. Your world is gradually waking up to the reality that surrounds you. Sadly, the blinkered will take a little longer, but we are getting there.

The sun is shining in the garden. Please go to where I used to sit, to where we shared a oneness I did not know was possible. I know you want the world to know the real Montague Keen: the man you adored, and who continues to adore you. Love is the most precious gift. We treasured our love. Age had nothing to do with it, and no-one could take it from us, though they tried. Thank you for indulging me today. I am very proud to be your husband, Monty.