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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th September 2007

Be proud, my darling, of what you have achieved this week. As promised, you have opened many doors, and the week to come will be very interesting indeed. The timing is right to open those doors. As I have always said, getting the timing right is all important in our work. People are now ready to listen, understand and move forward. Our project is great and so we choose our people very carefully indeed.

You and Bronwen had an excellent meeting with Joan. Now you know which Joan I meant. She will be guided by us to speak to all the right people. Those who have this world's best interests at heart. They accept that change is inevitable. Your world cannot go on, as it is. Be available, next week, to meet and to speak with whoever Joan suggests. She has a very deep understanding of what is needed to protect Mankind from destruction.

Please thank Alison and Peter for being the perfect hosts, as always. Through them, you have met and will continue to meet, people who will take our work forward. Alison's work is much respected on our side of life. She is a lady of pure intention.

Try not to push yourself too much. I know you do it for me, and we, in Spirit, are grateful to you. But we need you to complete the project. Try not to put me first, all the time. You need to look after yourself for me. You know we will succeed — it is gathering momentum even as we speak. Forward we go, my love.

Your understanding of the project is becoming clearer as we reveal more and more to you. We, on this side of life, are with you every step of the way. When you speak, you give hope of a future which is free of war; of countries reaching out to other countries; removing the differences that have caused wars in the past. A coming together of all God's people to live in peace and harmony. Trust me, darling, it can, and will, happen.

Because of all the dishonesty and corruption you have encountered since I passed, you have almost lost trust in your fellow man. That, my dear, will change. I promised those people will be removed. Justice will prevail. I cannot allow my wife — the one person in my life who truly loved and understood me — to be treated like that. Even death cannot extinguish love such as ours.

I gave you and Bronwen a surprise this morning. You both failed to see what I had done, at first. It took a while for the penny to drop. I found her husband and showed him how involved she is, in trying to reshape the world. He is truly proud of her, and says "go for it, girls!"

Between now and the end of the year, some very important people will come forward. Help is on its way. So much will happen to open up the World of Spirit. A greater understanding of how life should be, how we are all one in the eyes of God the Supreme Being. Women will bring about this change. The male thinking is guns and war, and so must be removed. Women must create a better world for their children and for generations to come. We, on our side, have done much to bring this about.

I am here for you. Just ask for guidance whenever in doubt. So many of us are depending on you, and we know you will do it. Our love surrounds and protects you. I am a very proud husband who is always by your side. Forever, your Monty.