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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st October 2006

Our work is about to take off. People have given thought to it and are getting ready to act. It has seemed such a long time to you, my love, but as I always explain, it’s all down to timing — ours, of course.

Tell Tom Jones to start with what he has already got and build on it each month. Tell him to announce it so people will be aware of its presence. It will be interesting to see what reaction we get. No doubt there will be some attacks but our work is more important than getting involved in arguments. Onward we go. There is no stopping us now.

Alison van Dyke made some useful contacts this week, which we will be happy to work with. Trish will speak to the H&R Society. They are very interested in our work with Global Warming, etc. We must make sure they understand exactly what we propose to do and they will offer to be of assistance to us. That’s good, as the more good people we have working on this, the better. Looking at the state of your world, we have no time to lose.

Robert must slow down. He cannot keep up all the rushing from one country to another. He expects too much of himself. I keep asking him to calm his mind, and I will communicate directly to him. I have important health issues to discuss. Who knows, he may even write with me. Do you think he could keep still long enough! His work in the world is so important and they will listen to him. We inspire him as much as we can, but we could do so much more.

My will — what a travesty! The Law Society has closed the door on you and truth and honesty. The ‘old boys’ network’ is alive and well and very active, and so you’ve been dealt a severe blow. I am truly sorry. If only I had thought things through. When I see what’s happening, I feel so upset. It was never my intention, and I know that you know that, my love. The only person in my life I truly loved, and I should have taken greater care of you. I know you will forgive me. When L told us, I would not accept it, and we ostracised her: and all she did was tell it as she saw it. How blind I was. Too wrapped up in the research I was doing. I am so sorry, my love.

We must concentrate on our work. Anthony is giving it a lot of thought. He analyses everything — he has a good brain. We are truly blessed to have him on board. Lead him gently into all aspects of our work. It is so much for any one person to take on, all in one go.

Your health gives cause to be concerned. You need to slow down. Take time to actually enjoy yourself. Your brain is constantly in overdrive; and as I’ve said before — you are no spring chicken! I know you feel safer when Robert is around. You are so lucky to have him. Believe you will get stronger and stronger to cope with all you have to do.

Thank Robert for asking his friend to advise you regarding the will, and your position in the house that became our haven. We were truly happy there. I am in the bedroom a lot at night and I still come and sit with you in the evenings, just like we used to. Two “young lovers” at our age! Well, maybe we had to be that age to really appreciate what we found in each other! No one ever understood it. They could not see a “crusty old gent” like me, being lucky enough to find true love.

You will have to travel quite a bit when our work really takes off. Always remember  — you will enjoy it, once you get there. It’s just getting there, that is the chore. To see the results you get will be your reward. We in the Network are with you every step of the way. I know I keep reminding you, but I need it to truly sink in, you must believe it. It would be great if you could enjoy it all!

Maurice Grosse has not surfaced yet. Still in the ante-chamber. It may take time, everybody is different.

If only we could get you to stop worrying about everything, and to trust us to protect you. We need you, so how could we allow anything to happen to you!

Get together with Robert and Anthony as soon as possible and try to talk about future plans, etc, and what role you each have.

Our time is running out, today. I love you. I still need you, I always will, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Trust, believe, and concentrate on our plans. Don’t let people get to you. You are mine, and mine alone. My love fills you at all times. Have a good week. Your own, Monty.