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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st October 2007

My darling, we are certainly making progress fast. You are in a constant state of excitement, never knowing what is going to happen next. Well, you know me, I did like to get on with things. Timing, my love; it's all down to timing. Please try to take as much rest as possible, we have much to do to complete our plans.

What a lovely gathering you had last week. How lovely to see Anthony there. We in Spirit do look out for him. You have always known that we have to set up a permanent place where Spirit and Man can communicate. Albert described the building quite well and what we hope to achieve there. It seems an impossible dream, but I assure you, it will become a reality. You were told about this on Monday 15th October, and on Tuesday 16th, I had shown you this building and explained why it had to be built in this way, and the shape we required, etc. You received a call on Wednesday 17th, from Moira, offering you the plans for the building. You could hardly believe this was possible. You received the plans on Saturday 20th, and to your astonishment, everything I had asked for was there in those plans. We in Spirit can work very fast when we want to. Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury, etc, had to be studied to bring together the best features of all those great historic places. There is one thing I must insist on, and that is that it must be called The Montague and Veronica Keen Foundation, because without you, my love, none of this could happen. I know everything you do, you do for me; but this is a joint venture. I want to acknowledge the tremendous effort and sacrifice made by you to bring this about. Please do this for both of us. Please thank Peter and Moira for their kindness in offering these plans to us.

The World of Spirit is ready, and when this is built, beams of light will descend, bringing information never before given to Man. The vibrations are in place. Information will come so that Man can deal with all illness, etc. The nations will come together to bring this about. The laboratory is Robert's demesne. We will guide all experiments using plants to cure all illness. He has an extraordinary ability to just know exactly what to do. That is because we guide him. There will always be a member of his family continuing his work at the Foundation. There will be treatment rooms, healing rooms, lecture halls, a board room, etc. It will be the first of its kind ever.

Materialisations will occur because the environment will be perfect for this. You have the influence now to make this happen to help humanity. We have produced a very high frequency, so as to make this possible. You will get instructions on how to build instruments for communication between worlds. You will not need mediums. We have the technology now. Many people will come forward. They will want to be involved in something so unique. You, my love, have no idea of the magnitude of what you have started. All you set out to do, was to create a permanent memorial to me. Your love for me drove you on. We both remember how precious those years we had together were to us and I thank you for them.

You will enjoy having your guests from the US, next week. M will remain involved with our Foundation and will help to take our message to a larger audience. She will advise you also on the books. You really must get on with the writing of them. I know it means reliving my passing and the terrible time you had. The abuse which you suffered was nothing short of criminal, both from my blood family and my colleagues. It has all got to be detailed. It is part of the great love story that was you and I. I had not become complete Spirit then, and so was unable to do all that I would have wished to do. But answer, they will, for what they did, both on Earth and in Spirit. Lessons have to be learned.

We in Spirit are so grateful to you and are guiding you on the decisions you have to make. We are ever at your side. Was a husband ever so loved as I. We have much to look forward to. Our plans are great. Together we make things happen. I am your adoring husband, Monty.