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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 19th October 2008

Veronica, my dear, you feel as if information is descending on you from all directions. So much to take in. This is necessary, my love, so you have a clear picture of all that is going on, both on Earth, and on our side of life.

When John [Dr John Mack, Harvard] and I, told you, two years ago, to make contact with Dr Edgar Mitchell, we told you that he had information that we wished him to put in the public domain. Please thank him on behalf of Spirit. We inspired him to go public on the knowledge he acquired, both when he was in space and on the Space Programme, and that period of his life. He is a good man. He will support John and I, when we, too, come forward to disclose what we have learned since we joined forces to expose the dishonesty in your world. It is all coming together nicely, my dear. You put so much pressure on yourself to get everything absolutely right for me. You always did. I was the centre of your life. I still am, and I thank you for it. I continually ask that you take time for you, too. I do not have the day to day pressures of earthly life to deal with. Unfortunately, you still do.

I shared your excitement as you listened to Professor MICHIO KAKU talk about the changes that will most certainly occur, and the many other planets that surround Planet Earth. So much information is kept from people. You are now understanding just how controlled Man is. Man does not even understand human consciousness fully. Man is more controlled than the animals in the field. This will end, we are working towards this. There are millions of other planets with life-forms, living contentedly. They have tried to help Man, but successive governments have prevented it. Corruption and greed drive your world. They even damaged the ozone layer and now pretend that the man in the street himself is guilty of this. As I have said many times, my love, TRUTH will come out in the end. Money and power will not stop it. You almost burst with excitement when, on ending his talk, Professor MICHIO KAKO said quite clearly, "Soon the DEAD will be talking to us". You wanted to tell him, they are already talking to you.

I know it upsets you to know that so few control so much in your world. It was ever thus. Their greed brings destruction and disease to so many. The suffering they cause is of no consequence to them. They are not getting younger, and one day they will face the reality of their actions. There is no escape. How stupid of them to think they are invincible. No one is, we are all answerable for our actions. We are putting so much effort into bringing enlightenment to your world. These people must accept that it is not their world to destroy.

Listening to Rupert talk with Andrew was showing you all the possibilities for the future, when our building is up and running. We have long admired Rupert's work. His interaction with people is beautiful. It is a gift that not many are privileged to have. We will put it to good use. In Rupert, we see an honesty that has survived intact, in spite of the many dishonest people who tried to lure him in other directions. We greet him.

Peter has become your rock. He knows exactly how to explain things when problems occur. Yes, he and I, would have had many discussions, each teasing out information that we were not aware we had. We will, in time, enjoy such discussions. For now, he needs to be there at your side, to help bring to fruition all that we have planned.

Now and again, someone has to face problems of loyalty, and it becomes a difficult decision. Their heart saying, stick with the truth, and the head saying, to go with what is being forced upon them. They should pray for guidance. Go always with what you truly believe. This is my advice to them. You alone, have to live with yourself, and the consequences of your decision. The HONEST PATH is a difficult one.

Try to relax and enjoy your life. We are making progress in many directions. You have achieved much, in spite of all the opposition you faced. I remain your loving husband, Monty.