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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th October 2009

What a mixture this week has been for you, my dear. Know this, without a shadow of doubt, that we in Spirit are proud of you and your dedication to our work to bring truth to mankind, and to remove the fear created by those who hold the real power. You are deeply shocked when you see the suffering caused to innocent people. Young children being killed in the most barbaric ways by people whose only desire is power and control.

You, my darling, have faced so much in my name. Those who attacked and stole from you when you were at your most vulnerable, shortly after my passing, when the pain of my passing was overwhelming. It was then that they set their plans in motion. They believed they had covered their tracks pretty well. We in Spirit, promised you that we would find a way of bringing the evidence of what they did, out into the open. Well, now you know we do keep our promises. Trust me, my dear, there is always a way. No problem is so great that we cannot find a solution. I am determined that my wife will go forward, and those who tried to destroy her will be exposed. The help that you needed is now in place. As you never had to deal with corruption before, trust the experts to take over. This is why they were brought to you. It is no accident that these people have come forward at this time, we chose them. Their interest in all that has happened is genuine. Their desire and determination to help, and to be there for you, is what is needed right now. Accept and trust that they are guided by Spirit.

More and more people are speaking out and questioning what is happening in their names. The corrupt are being exposed. The man in the street is now demanding honesty and restitution. They will not turn a blind eye to dishonesty when your world is going through a recession, which itself, was brought about by greed and corruption. The dishonest will be removed from positions of trust. We promised changes. They are gathering pace and people are having the courage to speak out. Soon the corrupt will have nowhere to hide. See how they use words to try to convince people. Look into their eyes, look beyond their words, look at their actions. Those who try to prevent the truth from coming out must be removed. There are no excuses. Truth, and truth alone, must prevail. The power drunk, who will go to any lengths to achieve power, will be exposed. Look around you, is anyone speaking of love and respect for your fellow man? All they talk about and teach is war, terrorists and fear. Is that the sort of world you wish to live in? Now is the time to give this some thought. Take responsibility, speak out, reach out to your fellow man.

Religions only serve to cause divisions and mistrust. Where do they preach love of your fellow man? They preach the love of God, but not God’s creatures. My dear, I loved the fact that you accepted people irrespective of religious beliefs, and you refused to take part in any religious practices. This upset one or two on my side. The existence of the soul, a Creator, an afterlife, were important to you. You were lucky to have had a mother who taught you that "you are in this life to help each others. Remember this and you will not go far wrong." If only people took the time to give some serious thought to what they are expected to believe, they would die laughing. The fact you had been born to Roman Catholics and I was born to Jews, never for one moment, caused us a problem. It was after my passing that you had to deal with the problems, that in my innocence, I never foresaw. Please forgive me.

You are tired. I have placed such a heavy burden on your shoulders. Please try to rest. Allow others to help you. I am forever at your side, guiding you, surrounding you with love. Our time together, when we write, is important to me. I can, through you, put thoughts to paper, to reach out to others as I always enjoyed doing. Until we write next week, know that I am with you always. Your adoring husband, Monty.